Elizabeth of England, her country house is for rent on Airbnb: it is a real jewel

The Sandringham residence of Her Majesty's Chief Gardener has appeared on the platform. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms and beautifully landscaped gardens, it costs £400 a night. There is only one problem…

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One of Elizabeth of England's many homes – to be precise: the home of the head gardener of Sandringham, the queen's favorite country residence (the one where she spent countless Christmases with her family) – is on Airbnb. The American site writes it Tmz, which, however, immediately adds a detail: there are no free dates until August 2024, which is as far as the Airbnb calendar goes - Photo | video

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CHEAP - The house, which has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, can accommodate up to eight people, and costs 'just' £400 a night. The gardens are remarkable and well-kept, and there are also many play areas for children. Tmz interviewed Amanda Cupples, general manager for Northern Europe of Airbnb, who says she is 'happy' to be able to offer this 'property' to the public. And she points out that 'it is also possible to meet a corgi or two', Elisabetta's beloved dogs. “What is disturbing,” she points out Tmz , “is the timing with which the house was put on the site: last September 7, one day before the disappearance of the queen.

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