Elizabeth of England, her secret is at the table: the only vice is chocolate (and she hates garlic!)

Do you want to live as long as the queen? Here are the foods she prefers: Spartan lunch with low carbohydrates and lots of fish, inevitable afternoon tea, sweets but sparingly. And the doctor promotes her: “Her diet is similar to a strictly Mediterranean protein diet. It's more than good '

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What if diet was among the secrets of Elizabeth's longevity? The Queen's favorite menu was revealed by Darren McGrady, one of her personal chefs, in the book Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen , while much more emerges here and there from articles dedicated to her. The 96-year-old personal doctor denied her her evening (and daily) cocktail, but having said that, the diet of the elderly sovereign has not changed much over time, also because she is already very healthy in itself. Photo | Photo 1 | video

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L’AMATO EARL GREY TEA - Elizabeth, therefore, starts the day with a cup of warm Earl Gray tea with milk and unsweetened, accompanied by cookies. Her absolute favorites are the Chocolate Bath Olivers. After the morning cleaning comes the real breakfast at cereal-based (again his favorites would be the popular Special K. Eggs rarely appear on the queen's table, while toast and jam are more common. Eggs are a rarity. Lunch is almost Spartan, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Grilled Dover sole, Scottish salmon served with spinach and courgettes, stand out among the queen's favorite dishes, but she doesn't mind getting satiated with a simple salad and grilled chicken. Bread is almost absent. According to the monthly Cosmopolitan i Five o'clock tea is an inevitable ritual - after all, it is not for nothing that she is the queen of the English -. Royal biographer Katie Nicholl has argued that the afternoon snack to accompany beloved Earl Gray is a nice fruitcake or cucumber sandwiches cut in half, spread with cream cheese and a touch of fresh mind. The tomato sandwiches and i Jam Pennies , which the queen ate as a child and which would be nothing more than a revised and corrected version of the bread, butter and jam (here of fresh Scottish strawberries, prepared instantly in royal kitchens) of every child's childhood.

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PROMOTED BY GERIATRA - At dinner, according to the Daily Mail , Elisabetta has a very specific rule: no starch. She is often and willingly served grilled or baked fish with salads and vegetables. «She is very disciplined - explained McGrady-. She might have whatever she wants, but it's her discipline that keeps her so healthy. ' Few sweets, lots of fruit from the royal gardens. The only 'vice', chocolate and chocolate cakes, but «it must be dark, the darker the better». Two things will never be found on Elizabeth's menu, apparently, very raw meat, such as steak tartare and above all: garlic! Antonino Frustaglia, a doctor specializing in gerontology and geriatrics, was also promoting the sovereign's diet, to whom he asked for an opinion The Corriere della Sera . «L Queen Elizabeth - said Franco Berrino's pupil - follows a diet that approaches a diet mostly protein , strictly Mediterranean and rich in good quality fats which, for a lady of her age, is absolutely fine ».

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