Elizabeth of England, how many details revealed by the death certificate! Here's what we didn't know yet

The Scottish registry document clarifies many aspects that until now had remained shrouded in mystery. Including who was really at his bedside at the last moment. And how did she really go with Harry…

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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, born 21 April 1926, aged 96. Occupation: Her Royal Highness The Queen. Residence: Windsor Castle. Place of death: Balmoral Castle, Ballater, AB35 5TB. Cause of death: old age. The signature of the witness is that of Princess Anne, even if her son Charles was also present. In the coldness of her Majesty's death certificate, just made public by the Scottish registry office, two mysteries are revealed. What did she die of and at what time: 15.10. So far the Palace had refused to provide details, but the certificate tells us that Elizabeth did not have any particular pathology or illness. She passed away peacefully due to her years and many say that she died of a broken heart, a year after the disappearance of her husband Filippo. The time of death also reveals that a family member was only informed three hours later – Photo | video

Elizabeth of England, the moments we will never forget Elizabeth of England, the moments we will never forget

Elizabeth's death certificate

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HARRY ARRIVES LAST – On 8 September at 12.30 the Palace issues a press release on His Majesty's health conditions, which are considered worrying. Anna and Carlo are already at her bedside. William together with his uncles Edoardo, with his wife Sophie, and Andrea board a RAF plane which was supposed to leave at 13.30 but took off at 14.39 for Aberdeen. Perhaps waiting for Harry, who in the meantime is arguing with his father because he also wants to take his wife Meghan to Balmoral. During the flight, William and the others are informed of the death of the sovereign. They will arrive at Balmoral too late. But who warned Harry? Apparently, nobody. At least until 18.25, shortly before the official press release from the Palace gave the bad news to the whole world. And the sovereign had already been missing for two hours when the Duke of Sussex managed to board a flight from Luton airport at 5.35pm. He will arrive in Scotland last, at 8pm.

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THE CALL LATE – Why didn't King Charles warn his second son immediately? Palazzo's sources have several explanations. The simplest is perhaps the most truthful: Carlo does not have a cell phone and calls with family members must be scheduled. To reach him you have to call his secretaries or his bodyguards. As soon as the queen passed away, the protocols of Operation London Bridge were triggered, the new king was taken both by the pain of his mother's disappearance and by institutional duties. And so the call started late. Others argue that Carlo insisted on breaking the news to Harry personally and did not want others to call him instead of him.
Some newspapers claim that Harry only found out by reading tabloid sites, but the court staff strongly deny it. However it turned out, the whole thing underscores how complicated family relationships are at the Windsor home.

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