Elizabeth of England, speaks the priest who was close to her until the last: 'She had no regrets'

Iain Greenshields is the reverend who was with the queen during the last weekend of her life. And he tells what they said, between jokes and confidences. Until 'the great shock'

 rev-iaingreenshields-1920 Reverend Iain Greenshields, 68, was with Queen Elizabeth until the end Photo Video

Reverend Iain Greenshields is the priest who has spent the last few days, the last hours with Elizabeth of England, in Balmoral Castle, Scotland. He had the privilege as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of England. His words shed new light on how the queen really was a few days before she died, on 8 September last. And Greenshields expresses surprise as the first emotion: 'It is incredible that a person who has been so vital, so alive, so busy, has been suddenly taken away from us' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

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SENSE OF HUMOR - Then he says: 'The queen told me that she had no regrets, and that all her power she used for the benefit of others.' The appearance was obviously fragile, but Greenshields reveals that he 'as soon as he started talking he became another person'. A person who has fully preserved his proverbial sense of humor. 'At one point,' says Greenshields, 'she said to me: 'I will send you to the Tower of London' ( which until 1952 also functioned as a prison , ed) ', but he uttered that sentence with a nice smile, as if to make me understand that he was joking '.

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A BIG SHOCK - Ma the “deposizione” of the reverend to The Times it is also important for another reason. Greenshields talks about 'fun-filled' meetings, lunches and dinners in which 'the queen spoke to me very frankly and energetically about when she was a child, about the horses she had 40 years ago, she remembered all the people and all the places he had known '. Greenshields' visit ended on Sunday 4th. Elizabeth died four days later. 'It was a huge shock when they told me that she was seriously ill, because during that weekend she was in extraordinary shape.'

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