Elizabeth of England, the death of the queen on the front pages of the world

The whole planet, except China, pays tribute to the sovereign. The most successful front page unites a tabloid and a conservative newspaper. While the most moving ...

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The most focused title has it Daily Star , who writes: 'You have done your duty, Madam.' She mimics him The Times , which sculpts: 'A life for the role' (a slightly faded translation of the lightning fast: 'A life in service'). Curious: the death of Queen Elizabeth 'makes brothers' the most bitter of the tabloids and the most swamped of the great British newspapers. The rest of the newspapers thanks, grieve, lament the end of a woman who is also an era or a spirit, as underlined by the New York Times . – Photo | video

Elizabeth of England, 17 days of mourning. Here are all the details of her last trip and her funeral in London - guard

THE QUOTE - Or it limits itself, in perfect Anglo-Saxon style, to the office and to the biographical extremes: “Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 - 2022 ″. The Daily Telegraph he quotes her: “Pain is the price we pay for having loved”. It is the phrase that the queen forged to hearten the relatives of the victims of September 11, 2001. It is also the phrase that jumped to many minds when Prince Philip died: there was no better caption, in the most faithful sense to the image, for the stabbing photo of the queen doubly isolated (from the pandemic and grief), with the mask, during her husband's funeral at St. George's Chapel, Windsor.

Elizabeth of England, the last moments: who was at her side, who arrived too late ... Now for now, the chronicle of the saddest day - guard

CHINA'S CHOICE - The Chinese press, including the English-language press, almost ignored the news. The Global Times has made it small, under the 'Crisis in Ukraine' (described as a war between Russia and the United States), while the People’s Daily he focused on President Xi who 'promotes an officer to general'. In France, The Parisian and Today they titled in unison: 'We loved her so much'. The echoes uses English: Farewell, goodbye. In Germany, the picture gives an account, with great effectiveness, of a pain that has no boundaries: 'The world at half mast'. In Spain they exalt its immensity, in space and time: The greatest Queen ( The world ), Eternal Maestà ( ABC ). In Argentina, the Clarion recalls 'a kingdom that has branded almost a century'.

Elizabeth of England, goodbye to the 'queen by chance' who reigned for 70 years and changed history - guard

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