Elizabeth of England, the funeral of the century: the most touching moments that we will not forget

The bagpipes. George and Charlotte. the tears of Carlo and Meghan. Cadets of the Royal Navy. The day after the long farewell to the sovereign, here are the images that will remain engraved in our eyes. Indeed, in the eyes of the over 4 billion people who have experienced the longest day live

  carlo-feretro-regina-elisabetta Charles of England and the last farewell to mother Elizabeth before the (provisional) burial Photo Video

A very long farewell, that of Elizabeth II. And it's still not over because the UK will be officially in mourning until Monday. The funeral, followed by 4 billion people around the world, was a magnificent and sumptuous spectacle, full of touching and solemn moments. Here are some - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Kate, Meghan, Letizia Ortiz, Charlene Wittstock and all the others. Queens and princesses at Elizabeth's funeral - guard

THE CORNAMUSAS - The most dramatic and emotional is the last act: a solitary bagpipe playing while the coffin of the longest-lived queen in British history is slowly lowered into the royal crypt. The world sees it for the last time. Shortly before, the court jeweler had removed the imperial crown, the scepter and the cruciferous globe, symbols of the monarchy. The second Elizabethan age is over.

GEORGE E CHARLOTTE - Princes George and Charlotte, 9 and 7, attended the funeral with their parents. She wore a black hat and a horseshoe-shaped brooch, a tribute to her grandmother who loved thoroughbreds. The composure of the two children was exemplary. But at one point Charlotte broke down in tears and was comforted by her mom. She was later framed as she instructed her brother: 'You must bow down!' She whispered as she passed her great-grandmother's coffin.

George and Charlotte of England: farewell to great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth - guard

THE TEARS OF MEGHAN - After so much poison on the royal family, such humble and dignified behavior was not expected from Meghan Markle. In Westminster Abbey she let herself go to tears, she smiled at little Charlotte, she bowed to the new princess of Wales, Kate. Harry was also visibly moved, hurt. Will there be a rethinking on the part of the dukes? Could they return to Britain? Difficult, but King Charles hopes for it.

SIGNS OF PEACE - William and Harry walked side by side behind the coffin. Like 25 years ago for her mother Lady Diana. The heir to the throne seems more disposed towards his brother. Small signs: he moved his wife Kate to seat Meghan and Harry first. He made sure to never leave his brother isolated, at different times of the procession.

THE EMOTION OF THE KING - Carlo was moved many times, especially during the first God save the king of the day. For him it is not only a farewell to his mother, but also the beginning of a commitment for life. As Elizabeth's successor he will have to do the impossible to be up to it. His reign officially begins today.

Elizabeth of England, at the funeral all (or almost) the greats of the world pay homage to her - guard

THE LEADERS IN THE MINIBUS - Apart from Joe Biden and a few others, all the powerful in the world have come and gone from Westminster Abbey by bus. Like everyone else, kings, queens, princesses, dignitaries, diplomats and presidents queued to go up. There is a symbolic image of the King of Spain Felipe who patiently waits in line with his wife Letizia to get on the minibus.

THE LOVES OF ELIZABETH - When the coffin arrives at the beloved Windsor Castle, there are not just thousands of people on the streets. Waiting for her Majesty, the greatest loves of her life: dogs and horses. On the stairs of the castle there are Muick and Sandy, the last corgis who kept her company until the last. While on the lawn there is Susan, her favorite pony, who by a strange coincidence lowers her muzzle as the coffin passes.

Elizabeth of England, all about the funeral of the century: the last farewell to the queen of queens - guard

THE FAREWELL OF THE SAILORS - The funeral procession was perfectly coordinated, in all its parts. But the symbolic image remains that of the 142 cadets of the Royal Navy, who with their bare hands drag the coffin of their former commander in chief first to the abbey, then to the center of the capital. It is no coincidence that the sailors were chosen. Prince Philip was a very young cadet when he first met his Lilibet. She was only 13.

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