Elizabeth of England, the last moments: who was at her side, who arrived too late ... Now for now, the chronicle of the saddest day

Carlo had been notified early in the morning and at 10.30 he had taken a helicopter from his Scottish residence at Dumfries House. William rushed, but was unable to say goodbye to his grandmother for the last time. And there is a mystery about Harry

  william-balmoral-andrea-edoardo-sophie-1920 William enters Balmoral to bid farewell to grandmother Elizabeth. Beside him Andrea and behind Edoardo, sons of the queen. Next to Edoardo, his wife Sophie from Wessex Photo Video

The queen died peacefully, as Buckingham Palace reported, in her bed at Balmoral. At her bedside only her children Carlo and Anna, who were already nearby. The others, Andrea and Edoardo, and their nephews William and Harry, did not arrive in time despite having rushed from London. The Palace did not specify the time of death, but it is thought that it took place in the mid-afternoon of an extraordinary day, which will end up in the history books. Although Elisabetta had mobility problems, she appeared to be in good health, only three days ago we had seen her with the new prime minister Liz Truss. But something must have happened in the next 24 hours. Something that took everyone by surprise, including the anchormans of the BBC and other British TV channels, who, incredulous and on the verge of tears, had to announce the death of the sovereign - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Charles of England is the new king. Biased, naive and spendthrift. That's who he really is and what his kingdom will be like - guard

THE PALAZZO PRESS RELEASE - When in the early afternoon the Palace issued a statement from the doctors 'concerned' about Her Majesty's health, everyone understood that something extremely serious had happened. But the world was truly alarmed when family members rushed to her bedside. In fact, Prince Charles, now King Charles III, had already boarded a helicopter for Balmoral at 10.30 in the morning, long before the doctors' warning. His majesty, evidently, had already worsened. A helicopter picked him up from Dumfries House, Ayrshire, where he had spent the night after some official engagements.

Elizabeth, goodbye to the queen by chance who reigned for 70 years and changed history - guard

THE MYSTERY OF HARRY - Officials hastily organized a private RAF jet from Berkshire to Aberdeen. Prince William and his uncles Edoardo, with his wife Sophie, and Andrea got on board. But not Prince Harry who was nearby, probably at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor with his wife Meghan. Was he specifically excluded? Certainly it was not a good sight to see William arrive in the Range Rover, at the wheel, together with the others, and hours later, at around 9 pm in Italy, the Duke of Sussex, with a distorted face, alone, after the announcement on the death of the sovereign had been issued. It's not even clear why Meghan stayed in Windsor. At first, a spokesman for the couple said they would both fly to Scotland, then the plans changed. Was it Carlo and William who didn't want Meghan? It must be said, however, that Kate Middleton also stayed at home with her three children.

From the death of Elizabeth, to the funeral, up to the coronation of Charles: this is what happens now - guard

THE CROWD OF SOUTH - Immediately after the announcement, the royal residences became pilgrimage destinations for the subjects. Thousands of people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace, despite the pouring rain. So also in Balmoral and Windsor. Women and men in tears, with bouquets of flowers, children and families, tourists and Brits, united by a mourning that goes beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. In London the crowd sang God save the queen (which will now be changed to God save the king). A few hours later, Charles III made his first statement: “The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty the Queen, is a moment of great sadness for me and for the members of my family. In this period of mourning and change, my family and I find comfort in the respect and deep affection that the whole world had for her ». New premier Liz Truss, who was bleached in parliament when she was warned of the queen's health, then phoned the new king for condolences from the entire government. Today Charles III will return to London to organize his mother's funeral.

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