Elizabeth of England: the squire, the baby chorister, the corgi: the stars by chance at the funeral

The last farewell to the queen brought to the fore some involuntary protagonists: from the unconscious policeman to the Pied Piper of Windsor. Thanks to the long live TV followed by billions of people and commented on social networks with countless posts

  Queen Elizabeth II funeral the other protagonists The squire, the chorister, the soldier and ... the beloved corgi: involuntary protagonists of the farewell to Elizabeth II Photo Video

Not only the powerful of the Earth, heads of state or crowned heads of the entire terraqueo globe (excluding - almost obviously - Putin, Mohammed Bin Salman and Kim Jong-un). Among the protagonists of the 'funeral of the century' there are also some unsuspected ones, who have come to the fore thanks to the long live broadcast followed by billions of people and the incessant stream of comments, likes, re-tweets that have animated social networks. - Photo | photo 1 | video1 | video2 | video3

Elizabeth of England, the most touching moments of the funeral that we will not forget - guard

THE GREATEST BEAUTIFUL - The most unexpected of the protagonists is undoubtedly the major of the Royal Regiment of Scotland John 'Johnny' Thompson. He was in charge of organizing the receptions and military honors of Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral and has now been 'promoted' Royal Guard of the new ruler. Statuesque physique, face that seems carved into the rock, the 39-year-old squire Johnny did not go unnoticed by the female audience who began to comment ecstatically. Always in the background, with his full uniform including kilt, but still at the side of King Charles, Thompson received the final consecration from the funeral ceremony and now almost everything is known about him. Born in England, in Morpeth in Northumberland, Johnny loves rugby and trekking and is married to Caroline, 44: the two have a 4-year-old son and two Labrador dogs. On social media, comments like this abound: «These days I am very sad, but see the major Thompson returned them to us a hundred times better '.

Elizabeth of England, the baby chorister with red hair conquers the world - guard

RED CURL - Another involuntary star of the long London ceremony is the baby chorister with red curls framed during Elizabeth's funeral rite in Westminster Abbey. His interpretation of the psalm sung during mass, the transport with which the child performed it attracted attention, with much swaying in the style of the Antoniano allo Zecchino d'Oro Choir. Among the protagonists who would not have wanted to be, however, the highest podium certainly goes to the soldier and the Scotland Yard officer who collapsed like cooked pears just before the procession paraded along the Mall, at the Parliament level and carried away on a stretcher before the queen's coffin arrived. Emotion? The heat? For sure, the videos and photos immediately went viral. A moment of strong emotion reserved for the Buckingham Palace staff members gathered in silence for the final tribute in front of the building as the coffin passed in front of the Queen Victoria Memorial. Humble supporting actors, but in any case more than a head of state framed by cameras, the drivers driving the Rolls Royces who accompanied the women and children of the royal family as required by the ceremony.

George and Charlotte of England: the moving farewell to great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth - guard

GREETING FROM THE CORGI - Major Paul Burns, of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, is much more protagonist. A kind of pied piper. Indeed, Elizabeth's personal piper, charged with waking her up every morning to the playing of the bagpipes for 15 minutes and in any of the royal residences he was in. This time it was his turn to mark the end while the coffin was lowered into the royal crypt of Windsor Castle. Finally they, to tell the truth, always protagonists: the corgi of Elizabeth II. Even the two dogs much loved by the queen somehow awaited her arrival at the final destination. They were on the stairs of the chapel. Soon they too will leave the castle, entrusted to Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson who live together not far away.

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