Elodie and Andrea Iannone reveal their love with a kiss (and a bike ride)

The long relationship (and the many ups and downs) with Marracash. The lightning flirt with Davide. And now the passion with the former pilot. The singer and her new partner are no longer hiding

 elodie-kiss-andrea-iannone-love-1920 Andrea Iannone and Elodie are truly a couple Photo Video

Elodie and Andrea Iannone come out into the open. Within a few days, the two first posted a short video on social media in which they tackle a stretch on their bicycle that seems to be quite demanding for her (complete with a 'goodness' addressed by Andrea to her partner), then a shot in which the former pilot gives a chaste but meaningful kiss to the singer while they are in a restaurant in Madrid - Photo | video

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Elodie talks about her love for Andrea Iannone: 'We've been together for almost two months, he's a genuine man

Elodie and Andrea Iannone, the first kiss

 Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 12.54.02 TO MADRID - In fact, theirs is a new pair of lovers through and through. The two, he 33, she 32, had started dating this summer. In September, the photographers had caught them walking around Milan smiling and in attitudes of great complicity. The singer, shortly after, guest before the program very true and then say Sunday In she had shown herself to be wary, even though she was talking about her new acquaintance for the first time : “ I'm in a very beautiful period from a sentimental point of view. I've been dating Andrea for almost two months and I try to do things as an adult, little by little we get to know each other”.

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AWARDED - In the meantime, Elodie was once again in Italy as a guest at the Rome Film Fest, where she received the WiCA Special Award dedicated to Iranian women, for her first performance as an actress in the film I eat your heart .

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