Elodie confirms her love for Andrea Iannone: 'We've been together for almost two months, he's a genuine man'

The singer confirms the rumors that have been chasing each other for some time: she is really a couple with the former motorcyclist. A relationship that is still in its infancy, even if…

 elodie-iannone-def Elodie and Andrea Iannone, a love in the beginning Photo Video

The allusions first, then the paparazzi. Now, finally, the confirmation from the person concerned: Elodie and Andrea Iannone are a couple. Officially – Photo | video

Elodie tells Mara Venier: 'I'm afraid of loneliness' Elodie tells Mara Venier: 'I'm afraid of loneliness'

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'ALMOST TWO MONTHS' - The singer, for the moment, prefers not to give a name to what she feels: «Am I in love? I'm in a very beautiful period from a sentimental point of view. The relationship has just begun: «I have been dating Andrea for almost two months and I try to do things as an adult, we get to know each other slowly».

Diletta Leotta with her boyfriend Giacomo Cavalli, Elodie with Andrea Iannone: summer in a double couple - guard

IN PUGLIA WITH LOVE - Confirmed, therefore, the rumors that circulated this summer. Even more insistent since Elodie and Iannone had been spotted together in Puglia with other friends, including another new couple: Diletta Leotta and Giacomo Cavalli.

Marracash and love for Elodie: “It is a difficult relationship to pigeonhole

«A GENUINE MAN» - Those nostalgic for the Elodie-Marracash couple will have to resign. The singer is now looking elsewhere. On TV with Mara Venier, she revealed a few more details about her relationship: 'I'm fascinated by authenticity in a man and Andrea is like that,' she said, before revealing her greatest fear of her: loneliness.

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