Elodie's debut at the Venice Film Festival: 'Everyone tries to label me, even in politics'

The singer of Tribale arrives at the Lido with her first project as an actress: “Ti mangio il cuore” by Pippo Mezzapesa. And she says 'For some time I thought it would be nice to measure myself with acting, but I was waiting for the right project'

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A busy story, that of the first repentant mafia woman. And to lend her her face is a newcomer actress, better known for her music than anything else than her: Elodie Patrizi. The singer of Tribal , in fact, he is one of the protagonists of the fifth day of the Venice Film Festival, where he presents in the Orizzonti section I eat your heart by Pippo Mezzapesa. The film will be in theaters on September 22 and on the new Paramount + streaming platform from January 2023 - Photo | video

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I EAT YOUR HEART - The film is a drama freely inspired by the book by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini, in which Elodie acts alongside Francesco Patané: “I completely fell in love with Marilena Camporeale”, tells the ex of Amici in a press conference. “A woman who divides in some way, a courageous, strong woman, but at the same time also a victim of power. She is a mother, so she is a woman who desires freedom and love. She has so many incredible traits that she was irresistible to me ”. For a story of violence mistaken for love, in which you also enter the dimension of organized crime.

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A BIG SORDIUM - “I was waiting for the magic”, explains Elodie to motivate her choice to go in front of the camera. “For some time I thought it would be nice to measure myself with acting, but I was waiting for a project that would allow me to do something that as a singer I can't do, that would give me a deeper vibration”. For director Pippo Mezzapesa 'it was an instinctive choice. And she who is the craziest and most instinctive of all has launched herself and started a complicated path. She is a wonderful interpreter who embellishes an already rich working group, great actors capable of great interpretations ”.

A POLITICAL QUESTION - “I am a citizen and as such I am interested in politics is completely normal, also because I believe that there is a level of human rights under which one must never go. If there was a right-wing candidate with interesting ideas, I would vote for him as well - underlines to Ansa, she who has often sided against Giorgia Meloni's party - and I confess that, for example, I have never voted for Pd. The fact is that everyone wants to label me ”.

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QUEEN OF STYLE - The arrival at the Lido is obviously modal for Elodie. After arriving in a mini skirt and changing oversize, for the presentation press conference the singer and actress chooses a simple and refined look: black oversized jacket, white shirt, miniskirt and tightly gathered hair.

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