Elsa, the story the girl with broken arms and legs who has never slept in a bed in 5 points

In nine years of life, neither the school nor the ASL have noticed its existence. Only her brothers take care of her. Now she has been entrusted to 'La Casa di Matteo', a specialized structure in Vomero, Naples

  elsa-casa-di-matteo Elsa in her new home, a specialized facility in Vomero

For little Elsa, 9, offers of help arrive from all over Italy. The baby has broken arms and legs since birth and she has never slept in a bed. She now she has been entrusted to 'La Casa di Matteo', a specialized structure in Vomero, Naples.

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HISTORY - Elsa (invented name) was rescued by social workers and initially hospitalized at the Santobono hospital in Naples for a week. Undernourished, only the brothers who lived with her gave her something to eat. She has broken arms and legs since birth and a deformed spine. She has never slept in a bed, she does not speak and she has never seen a toy. She now she has been taken care of by the association 'La Casa di Matteo', in Vomero.

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HOW ARE YOU - The president of the association Marco Caramanna told Corriere della Sera that the child can only feed on baby food: 'We have started a real weaning these days. It seems absurd but Elsa is totally unaccustomed to food. This makes us understand that she comes from an environment where she has suffered a lot. We have a team that rotates 24 hours and the child begins to recognize the operators and to smile. She is quite serene and during the night she sleeps without sudden awakenings and therefore without nightmares or fears. For the moment he is surprising us, he is going beyond expectations and he has only been here for 6 days ”. The little girl shows signs of delay and it will be necessary to ascertain whether they are congenital or due to the state of abandonment in which she was pouring.

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THE MYSTERY - But how is it possible that no one has ever noticed anything? Michela Rostan, vice president of the Social Affairs Commission of the Chamber asks this. “It is unacceptable that no one has noticed the tragedy of a little girl forgotten by her parents, occasionally fed by her siblings and forced to live in an inhumane way.

A 'GHOST' FOR INSTITUTIONS - A ghost for his family but also for the school, which should have noticed his continuous absence reporting it in time to the social services, for the ASL where he has never carried out any type of compulsory vaccine, as well as for the pediatrician of a base to which it was assigned which, as seems to emerge from the first checks, had never visited it ”.

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HELP OFFERS - After the publication of the incredible story in Corriere della Sera, 'La Casa di Matteo' received thousands of offers of help from all over Italy, from Bologna to Palermo, from Milan to Bari: those offering games, clothes and basic necessities , who wants to make donations, who makes their home available. Facilities specialized in pediatric orthopedic treatments have also come forward. The story went viral on social media, sparking amazement and indignation at the suffering suffered by the child until yesterday, but above all an enormous solidarity. To “La Casa di Matteo” they are grateful because, says Caramanna, “solidarity is a multiplier of good”.

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