Ema Stokholma: 'At Dancing with the Stars I learned to trust men'

In the latest episode of Dancing with the stars, Ema Stokholma admitted that she had started a relationship with her teacher Angelo Madonia. In this interview with her TODAY she tells her story about her, her redemption and how she learned to trust men

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In the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars, Ema Stokholma admitted that she had started a relationship with her teacher Angelo Madonia. She: «It's a bit of a strange meeting, I didn't expect it. I would never have said it, but I can't deny that it was created. But I still have many walls». He: «Yes, we are going through this moment of life together, let's see where it takes us». In this interview a TODAY , Ema tells her story, her redemption and how she learned to trust men in the broadcast - Photo | video

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«It was Andrea Delogu, my best friend, who gave me the idea of ​​participating in dancing with the Stars . She went crazy at the idea of ​​seeing me in those onesies, those little dresses. And so I decided to get involved and I came forward with Milly Carlucci ». The result is that Ema Stokholma, dj, radio host, looks great with those onesies and looks like a Marvel comic book heroine on the dance floor. With maestro Angelo Madonia, she is conquering the scene. Aim to win? «I would like to get to the podium, even if it will be tough».

Did dancing with the stars change your life?
«I have been following a path in analysis for many years and I realized that there was a wall: I did not accept my image. I'm 1.80m tall and have always felt bulky. Tattoos, pink hair is a way to hide my body. I needed this experience. And in three weeks everything changed.

What happened?
«It is as if I had discovered that I have a body, a posture, a sensuality. At almost 40, I learned to connect the brain with the rest of the body. Now I eat all the time, whereas before I didn't think so much about hunger, nor did I feel the pain. Tonight I dreamed that I was playing football, in goal, and I was very good'.

Merit of his teacher, Angelo Madonia?
«I treat him terribly, I block him on my phone every two days, but then after three minutes I unlock him. Here they introduce you to the master and after three minutes you dance with him, there is no normal life path. I'm not a 'tactile' person, even with my best friend we never hug. I had so many walls, he was good at breaking them down».

He learned to trust a stranger.
'Especially of a boy! Many complimented me in particular for a performance on which I had told them over and over again that the choreography wasn't right. Then I spent three days apologizing to him.'

She has already lived many lives. She wrote a book, For My Sake, in which she recounted her nightmarish childhood, with her mother beating her and her brother, and even inciting her to suicide. Why did you decide to tell everything?
«I didn't want to use writing as an outlet, but to tell the point of view of the child victim of violence. However, I wanted to give a positive message: even if you have been abused, it doesn't mean that you have to abuse yourself for life. It was important to tell this story, to say: we can do it, we can live well, even if we had a tragic start'.

Even an invitation not to turn away from the tragedies next door?
'Never ignore it. Let's ask one more question, one more caress, both to the child and to the parent, who is in obvious difficulty. You are not born a monster, you become one. If my mother had received affection from someone, everything would have been different».

Has she forgiven her?
“My mother is no longer here and she never apologized to me, there is no reason to forgive her. I preferred to understand her, feel empathy for her. Forgiving her would mean: ok, I'm starting from scratch, but no. I remember everything that was done to me and my brother. But now I know that she too was a victim, she was not well ».

How did he overcome childhood traumas?
“For years I planted myself, I made drama with friends and in relationships. And I found myself alone, unhappy. Until I asked myself: why do I have to live like this? I was a depressed child, now I want to feel good. When I was little and watched TV, I wanted a life like the ones in Friends : a job at the bar and a house with four friends inside, and that was all I wanted from life. Today friends are the family that I have chosen».

She started very young as a model, but then she gave up everything to be a squatter.
“I wanted to try to feel really alone. I was trying to keep my balance, but it was impossible because I didn't have the basics. I was a squatter, I slept in squatted houses, because I was tired of following the rules of society, I hit rock bottom and then I said to myself: that's enough, I want to go where there is light, where there is air, I want to breathe. I'll never get lost again.'

Is single?
'It's the only way to be happy. I don't need anything, I'm independent, it's difficult for me to let someone enter this paradise that I have built for myself, which is my life'.

He has lots of tattoos. Are they important to you?
“I regret having done them and I'm trying to delete them all, even if it will be impossible. If I can give one piece of advice, don't. You will regret it like that bangs, that hair color, that person you dated for two months. Only that you can forget these things, not her tattoos. Avoid them.'

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