Ema Stokholma on Oggi: “The only way to be happy is to stay single” – exclusive

The mother who beat her. Nights in occupied houses. The competitor of 'Dancing with the stars' tells our newspaper about her redemption

 ema-stokholma-launch-today-45 Ema Stokholma on the dance floor at 'Dancing with the Stars' Photo Video

Ema Stokholma, the radio host and contestant of dancing with the Stars , reveals to TODAY, on newsstands since Thursday, how the show has profoundly changed her: «I've been doing a journey in analysis for many years and I realized that there was a wall: I didn't accept my image. Tattoos, pink hair is a way to hide my body… everything changed in a few weeks. It is as if I had discovered that I have a body, a posture, a sensuality». – Photo | video

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 raoul-bova-cover “I PREFERRED TO UNDERSTAND” - Then she talks about childhood traumas, with an inadequate mother who beat her: «My mother is no longer here and she never apologized to me, there is no reason to forgive her. I preferred to understand her, feel empathy for her. Forgiving her would mean: ok, I'm starting from scratch, but no. I remember everything that was done to me and my brother. But now I know that she too was a victim, she was not well ». And the difficulties of the past: 'I was a squatter, I slept in occupied houses, because I was tired of following the rules of society, I hit rock bottom and then I said to myself: enough, I want to go where there is light, where there is 'it's the air, I want to breathe. I'll never get lost again.'

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'BETTER SUN' - Finally, looking to the future, he confides to TODAY: «Being single is the only way to be happy. I don't need anything, I'm independent, it's difficult for me to let someone enter this paradise that I have built for myself, which is my life'. And then: «I regret having done the tattoos, I'm trying to erase them all, even if it will be impossible. If I can give one piece of advice, don't do it.'

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