Emanuele Crialese and the transition: “The psychotherapists tried to correct me. I tried suicide '

The director of The Immensity talks about the change of genre: 'I was self-excluded from the family. My mother no longer knew where to turn. I have lived through terrible days ”. 'Raffaella Carrà made me understand that I was not crazy, that I could do it'

  emanuele crialese Emanuele Crialese, director, is 57 years old Photo Video

Emanuele Crialese, 57, talks about his transition. The director de The Immensity he speaks with an open heart about his private life and says: “I am not afraid, even if I know I belong to one of the most attacked categories of people. I also know, however, that this type of information should not interest anyone, because it is not inherent to the work. I've made films that have marginality as a common denominator, that's my theme. I refuse to look at the world from a classification point of view ”. laws | Photo | video

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THE TRANSITION - Its path was decided over thirty years ago. He had never spoken publicly about gender change before, but with family and friends he did. Now he tells the run from being a: “Today I feel a responsibility towards all the families and all the people who are embarking on this path. At the same time, I continue to think that the artist must hide behind the work, not be revealed. That his nutritional cocoon should remain as intact as possible ”. The memories go back to when, very young, he was in Rome, and he was alone: ​​“At that moment I was self-excluded from the family, because the situation was unmanageable. My mother no longer knew where to turn. I was afraid that I would be hospitalized and that I would accept it, because for love I had already done similar things. From the age of 14 I had been treated by psychotherapists of all kinds, they tried to correct me, to pacify me, and I invoked the same with my prayers ”. Very difficult moments, so much so that at 16 he attempted suicide before leaving Italy and moving to the United States: 'And it's not true that I'm only talking about it publicly now, I already did it when I left for the United States. It was my first act as Emanuele and my last before leaving Italy. Each individual has their own story. Everyone gets where he can and where he wants. The common effort is in accepting to be unique and therefore, perhaps, not belonging. Not real women, not real men. Other. This creates bewilderment. It gives the idea of ​​a cupio dissolve, but it is the reality, even biologically. And yet, how can you have a healthy relationship with reality if all that is sent back to you from outside is non-conformity? You are told: either you are male or you are female, choose! You are told: 'explain yourself, because if you are not compliant, you have to explain yourself' ... What if I simply said: Am I what I am? '.

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THE WORDS OF RAFFAELLA - He remembers how it was Raffaella Carrà who “saved him”: “He was interviewing the first person in transition that I have ever seen. She was from behind, and later I would have known and frequented her. She was a catharsis. So I wasn't crazy. And I had to find the strength to undertake a journey, even if all my loved ones saw it as a way to self-destruction '. Now the public revelation of his path: “For the first time I felt a communion between myself and my family members, between myself and others that was sudden, a quantum leap. I found myself in an elsewhere '.

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