Emanuele Filiberto buys Savoia Calcio. Which (surprisingly) is from Torre Annunziata

The prince, through the 'Casa Reale Holding', decided to buy the Torre Annunziata company. Among the plans is that of opening a sports center for the young people of the Campania town

 emanuele-filiberto-savoia-football Emanuele Filiberto buys Savoia Calcio Photo Video

The battle cry remains the same 'Avanti Savoia', but the goal now is to overcome the midfield. Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia has dissolved all reserves and has decided to run as president of the Savoia football team 1908, the Torre Annunziata formation: the club, which has had a troubled life in recent years and today plays an excellent role, has a past ( far away) glorious: in the 1923-1924 season he became champion of central-southern Italy, narrowly touching the Scudetto. In fact, he lost the final against Genoa. - video | Photo

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, wild barefoot dancing: watch the private video Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, wild barefoot dancing: watch the private video

Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy speaks: 'Me, Friends, the Royal Family, my party - guard

BUY ALL THE REAL HOUSE – Emanuele Filiberto is determined to complete the purchase through his company Casa Reale Holding Spa. He already has a well-defined program, which is to make the oldest sports club in the south a laboratory for legality and social commitment . Among the planned initiatives, that of establishing a guarantor who watches over legality and ward off possible infiltrations of the Camorra and criminality. Indeed, Emanuele Filiberto himself has declared that it would be his ambition to make the Savoia 1908 a pole of attraction for young people too, with a social function ». The prince explained: «It has pained me in recent seasons to see the Camorra, the scandals and the consequent arrests, tarnish those colors, those of the oldest sports club in the Center-South. In the future I would also like to create a sports center for young people, to bring them together and keep them away from crime».

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