Emma Marrone, the death of her father and the suspicions about the vaccine: “Enough! She had leukemia '

The singer lost her father Rosario on September 4th. And on social media, rumors immediately spread that he had died from the vaccine. Emma doesn't swallow her. And she responds with a very hard face

 emma brown Emma is still very much tried for the farewell to her beloved father, who passed away at the age of 66 Photo Video

Emma Marrone, after the painful loss of her father, also has to contend with the speculations of the haters. The singer wanted to answer in a video that dad Rosario had leukemia since last October. And that he didn't die from the vaccine - Photo | video

Emma Marrone, the sudden death of father Rosario at only 66 years - guard

VIDEO - Rosario passed away at the age of only 66 on 4 September. The singer was away and she had rushed to her bedside, dedicating strumming words to him: “Have a good trip dad. I love you and I will always love you ”. It was he who passed on to his daughter the passion for music: a nurse in her life, a great passion in fact was the guitar and the song. On social media, Emma was overwhelmed by the affection of the fans. And she made a video for them: 'Hello everyone, I wanted to thank you first of all for the love you have shown us in these difficult and painful days'.

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LEUKEMIA - But he also wanted to explain his father's illness, because the haters had immediately spread false rumors: 'I would also have liked to comment on all those subjects who are speculating on my father's good name, bringing up the usual imaginative and ignorant inferences on the question of vaccines. My dad was struggling with leukemia since last October and I will never stop thanking Dr. Enzo Pavone and all the doctors and nurses of the Tricase hospital in the oncology ward who followed and helped us in such a difficult moment '.

Emma Marrone, finally the joy: 'I won my battle against cancer' - guard

DONATE THE MARROW - Then, he closed with an appeal: 'To all those people who are asking me these days 'what can we do for you?', I answer here, there is something to do: go to the admo.it website and find out about how to become bone marrow donors because this country needs more donors. Helping others means helping yourself, the more we are the more lives we can save in the shortest possible time. Here's what we all have to do, for us, for life. Thank you all'.

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