Emma Marrone, the sudden death of father Rosario at only 66 years old

The singer was away. She hastily returned home to Salento. To give the last farewell to her father. Who had passed on to her the passion for music: 'Have a good trip'

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Emma Marrone is in mourning for the loss of her father Rosario, who died on the evening of September 4 at the age of 66. 'Have a good trip dad', says the singer. 'I love you and I will always love you'. It was he who passed on to his daughter the passion for music: a nurse in her life, a great passion in fact was the guitar and the song. He had also founded his own group the H2O- Photo | video

THE SELF-TEACHED MASTER - Rosario Marrone's passion for music was such that he learned to play on his own. The real debut on a real stage was a gift from her daughter who invited him to a concert of hers in front of thousands of fans “You're strong dad. You are the strongest in the world. And you are the most beautiful journey of my life ', wrote the Salento artist, former face of Amici, on the occasion of a man's birthday.

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'HE PUSHED ME ON THE STAGE TO KICK' - “You kicked me in the butt on the first stage,” says the singer. You taught me to sing in front of people without being ashamed. I love you so much'. The funeral is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday 5 September, at 5 pm, in the mother church of Aradeo (Le).

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