Enrica Bonaccorti, falls down the stairs and shows her swollen face on social media: «Nobody beat me … »

The TV presenter publishes the face with bruises and the one made up to appear on TV on social networks. In her fall, in addition to her beating, she broke her shoulder and was operated on

 enrica-bonaccorti-fall-1920 Enrica Bonaccorti, after the fall and after the make-up to go on TV

Enrica Bonaccorti reassures fans after posting a photo with a swollen face and a second perfectly made-up on her social networks. The make-up hid the bruises on her face: in fact, the presenter got ready to go on TV for Afternoon 5.

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A BAD FALL – It is the 72-year-old conductor herself who explains what happened: «Rigged reality! No one beat me… I fell on my face and crumbled my shoulder, but we'll see you soon on # Pomeriggio5 thanks to Paoletta Carrizo who put my make-up on me! » Always in the post, she also reveals that she has undergone shoulder surgery.

FAMOUS FANS AND FRIENDS SUPPORT IS NOT LACK - Wishes for a speedy recovery from the fans were added to those of the entertainment world. Sandra Milo wrote «Enrica, I'm so sorry you had this bad accident but a strong woman like you doesn't let anything stop you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.' The support was joined by cantata Nek and ex-girlfriends from It's not Rai , Pamela Petrarolo and Yvonne Sciò. And, again, Maria Teresa Ruta who made herself available: «Whatever, call me!».

Source: oggi.it