Enrica Bonaccorti: the fall, the fear, the fragility... Here's what really happened

The presenter shows her swollen face. Fans are alarmed. She explains everything in detail. Speaking of frailty and old age. And especially of lost love

  enrica-bonaccorti-fall-1920 Enrica Bonaccorti, her face swollen and... do you remember when she was like this? Photo Video

Enrica Bonaccorti shows herself with a swollen face on social media. Fans get scared. And she intervenes to tell what really happened. Freewheeling about her fragility, her old age, her lost love for her… – Photo | video

It's not Rai, the videoblob of the program that revolutionized TV and costumes It's not Rai, the videoblob of the program that revolutionized TV and costumes

“OLD LADIES BREAK” – “I show my fragility and I'm not ashamed of it. At my age you fall.' Simple words but that not everyone would have the courage to utter given that getting old, being old, is still a taboo in our society. Instead, Enrica Bonaccorti, aged 72 who will become 73 on November 18,  did it. She said those words to her, in an interview with Corriere della Sera . This after showing his swollen face on social networks, after a fall. Accompanying the post with: “Rigged reality! Nobody beat me… I fell on my face and crumbled my shoulder”. Bonaccorti, much loved since the time of Italy evening and Hello who plays? – it was the 80s – and then queen of It's not Rai was told with great frankness, and a lot of irony, al Corriere. S bending over the fall she said, 'It's definitely age-related because… old ladies fall and break. Then a psychologist friend of mine told me that it's no coincidence that I broke my shoulder because I have so much weight on my shoulders. The affection of the public? It's something that envelops me like a warm caress. Because I also lost my partner a few months ago ( Giacomo, the man of her life, defined it , ed) and I only have my daughter Verdiana and my little nephew Matteo, even though he is now 18 years old and one and 90 tall'.

Enrica Bonaccorti, the fall and the great fear – guard

“I AM FRAGILE AND STRONG” – Then when asked if she felt fragile or strong, the presenter replied: “A fragile woman who knows how to be strong, because I make a virtue of necessity. If things have to be done, they will be done”. And on why she chose to show herself on social networks with a swollen face, she specified: 'I thought about this: since people usually see my best images, it seems right to me that they know - always with a view to being true - what I it happened and what face I found after falling. But then anyway I added this photo to the one taken after the make-up artist had set me up to make the connection on TV. The comparison seemed so incredible to me that I wanted to share it with everyone”. And the comparison is truly incredible: she looks like she doesn't have an imperfection once she's made up, you can't see any sign of the fall on her face.

It's not Rai: what happened to them? – guard

“I DISCOVERED BEAUTY TEN YEARS AGO” – Talking about herself, she concluded: “I only found out I was beautiful ten years ago. Now they write me incredible things: Ah, for me you have always been the most beautiful woman in Italy. And I felt the last…”. The discovery, however, did not affect her life, she did not try to make up for lost time with aesthetic interventions: 'Please, I already did a stupid thing 40 years ago, when I reduced my breasts because I was embarrassed by my size . While they all increased it, I reduced it. I also regretted it because maybe I could have done it later with better techniques'.

'I DON'T TELLING LIE TO MY AUDIENCE' - Her audience had immediately flooded her with messages of support, after the post about the fall. Among these, messages of comfort also arrived from the very warm Sandra Milo who wrote to her: 'A strong woman like you doesn't let herself be stopped by anything' and from Barbara De Rossi who sent her a warm hug. She was moved by it and talking about her audience at Courier he explained: 'I don't tell lies, that's why they feel affection for me'.

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