Al Pacino is expecting his fourth child at 83! And the partner, formerly of Mick Jagger, is just 29

The actor has been dating film producer Noor Alfallah, who is 8 months pregnant, since April 2022. He has never married, but this could be the right time. And just a few weeks ago, friend Robert De Niro welcomed his seventh heir at the age of 79
Entertainment 2023-05-31 13:29:02 by Alex Klark

Sabrina Salerno: 'My breasts are all true, just gossip: here is the certification'

The 90s singer wants to put an end to the gossip that has always been chasing her. And she does it with an official medical document
Entertainment 2023-05-31 12:45:02 by Alex Klark

Lautaro Martinez and Agustina Gandolfo, world champion couple on Lake Como

The Inter center forward and his girlfriend had already married in secret in the Municipality. Now they do things big (and a little rude) at Villa d'Este, in Cernobbio. The teammates from Argentina and some nerazzurri were present. Even if the most precious gem is missing. Because of Coldplay
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Bella Thorne and Mark Emms, wedding on the way: but she's not the first time she's accepted, right Benji?

The actress and the producer announce their wedding resolutions. With a dream brillocco and clear ideas about the dress. Indeed, on clothes. But it's not the first time she says yes and then ends before it even begins...
Entertainment 2023-05-30 10:59:02 by Alex Klark

Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chia Martí hand in hand: they no longer hide!

The former footballer and his young partner had so far only shown (rare) social images. Now, here they are together in the sunlight for a concert. Which is certainly not that of his ex Shakira...
Entertainment 2023-05-30 10:48:03 by Alex Klark

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, a quiet afternoon as… heroes with their daughter Mia

After a placid trip to Sempione park, the couple intercept a robbery and don't think about it for a moment: they arrest the thief, recover the stolen goods and call the police to the applause of passers-by (and the robbed tourist). But he's subscribed to the bailouts...
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Last: “With Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo it was love at first beer. But without kisses'

The singer-songwriter is told at 360 degrees: the beginnings, the family, the school, the hypochondria. And the love for Heather Parisi's daughter: she has a naturalness, a radiance, a way of being invisible to most
Entertainment 2023-05-29 10:51:02 by Alex Klark

Romina Power responds with a hard face to Albano Carrisi: 'Relationships last if you are committed to two'

Stimulated by the interview that Carrisi granted to Oggi, the American singer responds in kind. And she suggests that the marriage ended not because of the marijuana, but because she felt neglected. In the end though...
Entertainment 2023-05-29 10:42:02 by Alex Klark

Ilary Blasi with her daughter Isabel and her boyfriend Bastian Muller… who is now one of the family

The showgirl indulges in some Roman shopping, on a work break from the Isola dei Famosi. She is accompanied by her new partner and the little girl of the house. She and she have a relationship with him that seems particularly affectionate. Just look at the exclusive images from Today
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Cristel Carrisi graduated from Harvard in literature and unleashed the pride of mother Romina Power: 'Bravissima!'

The younger daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power gets her second degree, with honors. Beside her, radiant, her husband Davor Luksic. Mom compliments on social media. And so her sister Romina Carrisi: 'What do I call you now, Doctor Sister?'
Entertainment 2023-05-27 16:14:03 by Alex Klark