Entire Russian conscript battalion destroyed: hundreds killed. Iran admits to selling drones to Russia

A full battalion of Russian reservists was eliminated, leaving only one survivor. In Kiev new restrictions on electricity. Tehran admits drone sales to Moscow, but only before the conflict. Zelensky: “They lie”. The US: 'Kiev does not close negotiations with Putin'

  UKRAINE: L'UE SCIOCCATA DALL'ORRORE DI BUCHA, 'ORA PIÙ SANZIONI' A new shocking video appears on the Bucha massacre Photo Video

An entire battalion of Kremlin reservists was destroyed by Ukrainian fire: hundreds dead and only one survivor. A veteran of the war, he returns to Russia and sets fire to a nightclub, killing 15 people. More restrictions on electricity in Kiev. A new shocking video appears on the massacre of civilians in Bucha. Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant reconnected to the Ukrainian energy system. Iran admits to selling kamikaze drones to Vladimir Putin, but only before the conflict. Volodymyr Zelensky: “They lie”. The United States: 'Kiev does not close negotiations with Putin.' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

Ukraine, Poland and Russian city Kaliningrad divided by barbed wire Ukraine, Poland and Russian city Kaliningrad divided by barbed wire

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

RUSSIAN DEFEAT - Now Putin can really get into trouble on the domestic front. The mobilization of reservists, which had caused not only controversy but the flight of thousands of people from the country, was met with a clamorous defeat. An entire battalion of conscripts was in fact destroyed by Ukrainian fire on November 2, with hundreds of victims and only one survivor, a certain Oleksiy Agafonov, near the village of Makiivka, in the Lugansk region, one of those annexed by Moscow. And it is not the propaganda of Kiev that reports it, but the independent Russian media Verstka , according to which the unit consisted of soldiers mobilized from the Voronezh region of Russia. Agafonov recounted the shelling suffered at the hands of Ukrainian artillery, fleeing commanders and at least 500 dead. But this is not the only news that strikes Moscow: Stanislav Ionkin, 23, who recently returned from the front line, was due to return to Ukraine. But the veteran set fire to the Polygon nightclub in the city of Kostroma, killing at least 15 people.

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WAR FRONTS - The situation is still unclear in Kherson, where both sides are accusing each other of wanting to blow up the dam on the Dnipro. In fact, the evacuation of civilians from the entire region continues. And the Guardian confirms the rumors according to which the Kremlin soldiers are looting the city: not just ambulances, cars and tractors. Not only works of art, as denounced by the local museum, but even the bones of Catherine the Great's friend and lover, Grigory Potemkin, stolen from a crypt in the cathedral of Saint Catherine. The Ukrainian General Staff reports that Russian troops are conducting offensive actions in three directions: “The adversary is trying to maintain control of the temporarily captured territories and is conducting offensive actions in the Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Novopavliv directions.” And the war also passes through symbols: the city of Odessa voted online to dismantle the monument to Empress Catherine II, in protest against the invasion. While in Melitopol the occupying authorities have restored a statue of Lenin, seven years after its demolition.

The Times: 'Putin wants a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine' - guard

THE BUCHA MASSACRE - Meanwhile, a new shocking video emerges on the massacre of over 400 civilians in Bucha. Made by Associated Press and from American TV Pbs , contains fourteen minutes of images, interviews and a 3D model of the city documenting Russian crimes. Inside, witnesses talk about the torture they suffered and space is given to wiretaps from Moscow soldiers who admitted they had 'cleaned up'. The IAEA announces that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been reconnected to the Ukrainian electricity grid, after repairs to both external lines. A fundamental step at a time like this in which 'additional restrictions' on the supply of electricity have been announced in some regions, including that of Kiev and the capital itself.

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TEHRAN'S ADMISSIONS - After weeks in which Tehran denied the accusation of having supplied weapons to Russia, the first admissions of the Iranian government arrive, through the mouth of Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, who however claims that everything would have happened before the conflict. Europe and the US have further sanctioned the country for supplying Shahed-136 drones to Putin. But the head of Tehran's diplomacy assures: 'The fuss raised by some Western countries, according to which Iran has supplied Russia with missiles and drones to help the war in Ukraine, is completely wrong. The drone part is true and we supplied Russia with a small number of drones months before the war in Ukraine.” Kiev accuses Iran of complicity and Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko writes on Facebook: “Tehran must realize that the consequences of complicity in Russia's… crimes against Ukraine will be far greater than the benefit of the support of the Russia'. Zelensky goes further, accusing Iran of lying: “We shoot down at least ten Iranian drones every day, and the Iranian regime claims it would have given little and only before the invasion began. We know for sure that Iranian instructors taught Russian terrorists how to use drones and Tehran is generally silent.' The Kiev leader then launches a fundraising campaign for a fleet of marine drones. And not only that: “Ukraine expects good news regarding air defense and missile defense in the coming weeks.” However, he has been encouraged not to publicly close the negotiations with Putin from the United States, as revealed by the Washington Post , and not to put 'vetoes' on the opponent in the negotiation. Indeed, some officials told the newspaper that 'the difficulties caused by the conflict in Ukraine are a very real issue for some of our partners' and that the support of the republicans is declining. A conservative victory in the midterm elections could put the White House in difficulty, which has so far brought more than 17 billion dollars in military aid to Kiev.

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