Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi: even the Maneskins have their George and Ringo. That's who the Miniskins are

Out of sight, no less important: they are the drummer and guitarist colleagues of Damiano David and Victoria De Angelis. “Ethan has the head of a 40-year-old,” says his drum teacher. Thomas is shy, but is called 'the Cobra'

  ethan-thomas-maneskin Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi, George and Ringo are also in the Maneskin. That's who the Miniskins are Photo Video

«The Måneskin are the Italian Beatles», Manuel Agnelli once said. What is certain is that their latest single, The loneliest , is the world's most listened to song on Spotify. The Italian rock band also has its George and Ringo, the most secluded members: drummer Ethan Torchio and guitarist Thomas Raggi, overshadowed by the charisma of the singer Damiano David and the bassist
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WHO IS ETHAN TORCHIO – Ethan is the bohemian of the group. Son of an artist (his father, Candido Torchio, is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer) comes from a somewhat hippy extended family and has eight brothers and sisters, born to three different mothers. He was born in Rome, but spent his childhood and adolescence in a small village in the province of Frosinone, Colli, a hamlet of Monte San Giovanni Campano. At the age of five he received his first drum set as a gift, at 14 he started taking lessons at the Sonoria music center in Isola Liri. «As a boy he had the maturity of a forty-year-old», says his drum teacher, Azeglio Izzizzari. «Even then he was a phenomenal musician, precise, studious, disciplined. He has never missed a class, even though he doesn't live nearby. Accompanying him was his father, who always supported him. I remember his determination: I was certain that he would become a professional. He has always been very private. He met the other guys in the band by responding to an ad on Facebook: he was supposed to go to the audition with them, but he was doubtful, precisely because of his shyness. I was the one who encouraged him.' The parallelism with Ringo? «He doesn't like to be seen and is of few words, true, but musically he is the engine of the band, always one step ahead».

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VERY IN LOVE – Ethan is engaged to Laura Alfonsa Castelli, a sociology graduate who lives between Rome and Berlin and, if possible, is even more reserved than him. 'I've always kept in touch with Ethan,' says Izzizzari. «He didn't go to his head, and neither did the others. There is a big difference between their public image, glamorous and transgressive, and what they really are: serious and simple guys. No drugs or alcohol: in the backstage of the concerts they play basketball and ping pong ». Ethan's nickname is 'the Guru'. «His philosophy is the sticazzi», explained Damiano. “Is the world at this height? He is higher up. He's like an Indian sage, he helps you and gives you another point of view.'

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WHO IS THOMAS RAGGI – Thomas Raggi's nickname is 'the Cobra' (any reference to intimate dimensions is not purely coincidental). A childhood friend of Victoria, the two are close as brothers. 'I've been studying the guitar since I was a child, first classical, then electric,' he said. He and Victoria started playing together in middle school (at the time they had hired Damiano as a singer, then they had kicked him out because he was too pop). They were also classmates at the John Kennedy scientific high school in Monteverde (their neighborhood), and that's where they formed the band, calling Damiano back and hiring Ethan via social media. Thomas is a Lazio fan (while Damiano is an avid Roma fan) and before becoming famous he worked as a waiter at the Hard Rock Café in Rome. He is eccentric and has a piranha as a pet. But he is also very shy, in group interviews he is the least talkative. 'He doesn't speak English well, so he prefers to leave room for others', the fans justify it. On the web he is sometimes teased (good-naturedly) because he is the least attractive of the group, he is certainly the least attentive to his physical appearance (even if he loves makeup, thanks to Victoria) and he is very engaged to a 23-year-old girl from Bologna. Lavinia Albrizio. «Thomas has the imagination of a child», Damiano said of him. «He is the smallest and is super creative. If he gives him the guitar in his hand, after five days you will find him in the same position that he plays ».