Evelyn Burdecki reacts after condom confession

 Evelyn Burdecki was already looking at"Der Bachelor" die große Liebe. Evelyn Burdecki was already looking for great love on 'The Bachelor'. Bild: IMAGO / Future Image /gbrcix

Evelyn Burdecki is currently looking for a TV (once again) your luck in the love . Since the 33-year-old is still single despite attempts on 'The Bachelor' and 'Bachelor in Paradise', she is now looking for her Mr. Right in her own dome show. But things can get bumpy here, too. Especially when candidate Thoren makes her a spicy confession.

Evelyn Burdecki is looking for great love on TV

In 'Pot sucht Burdecki' Evelyn is allowed to be 21 men get to know at once. At her side is love coach Dr. Sandra Kohldorfer. But even the psychotherapist cannot protect the reality actress from bad meetings. Evelyn gets to know the men in escape rooms, on visits to the zoo or on action dates. In tandem riding and feeding llamas with Thoren, however, he overshot the mark by far.

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Evelyn Burdecki was skeptical about the entrepreneur right from the start. With the words 'Crazy guy, but maybe he's nice,' she gave the whole thing a chance. Thoren was immediately impressed. 'She looks great,' said the 31-year-old.

Absolute failure at the tandem date

However, the positive mood of the date should soon change. Thoren talked a lot and for a long time and the 33-year-old hardly got a word in. When she was able to get in the way, the shock came promptly. When asked how the candidate had prepared for the meeting, he answered honestly and boldly:

'I packed condoms'.
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That was too much for the ex-'Supertalent' judge. 'I'll throw it off right away bicycle down,' she threatened.

After the date, the moderator turned to her support Dr. Sandra Kohldorfer. 'Whoa, that's exhausting' , the ex-jungle participant sighed and added angrily: 'What have you done to me here? It's a total disaster!'