Ex-Bayern star Mario Basler received an indecent offer

  Mario Basler chatted about a spicy private moment"World Wide Wohnzimmer". Mario Basler chatted about a spicy private moment on 'World Wide Living Room'. Image: ARD Mediathek/screenshot

Mario Basler is currently quite present on TV: He was recently seen with his partner Doris Büld on 'Mein Mann kann', from September the couple will be involved in the 'Sommerhaus der Stars' – and now he confessed to the YouTube format 'World Wide living room' question and answer. During a game, the moderators Dennis and Benjamin Wolter always gave him three possible answers and the cult kicker had to decide which of the three situations he found the most annoying.

A curious private detail also came to light: Basler unpacked about an uncomfortable moment he once had in Vacation experienced and who, above all, pushed his wife to the limit of her nerves.

Mario Basler talks about spicy holiday experiences

Towards the end of the game, attention was drawn to the topic of fan gifts and strange experiences soon followed Fans in general. Basler recalled a holiday during which a stranger silently made him an immoral offer – in the presence of his wife:

'I once experienced a situation when I was on vacation with my wife and sister-in-law. We were sitting at breakfast, a woman walked past me - and she just threw her room key into my glass, even though I was at the table with two women sat.'
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'It was nice,' Basler initially commented jokingly on the incident. Then Benni Wolter wanted to know exactly: 'There were six of you fun ?'

But the ex-Bayern star dismissed it and admitted: 'No! I was a little shocked and my wife lost her nerve a bit afterwards. ' However, it could have been worse for the 53-year-old. He added: 'I'm glad my wife lost her nerve. If my sister-in-law had lost her nerve, it would have ended badly.'

In general, as usual, Basler was not at a loss for clear announcements on the show. Among other things, he joked about his former teammate Oliver Kahn, who 'goes to the basement to laugh'. He finally rated it as particularly annoying people one, 'who take part in lateral thinker walks while singing', because: 'I hate the lateral thinkers.'

Basler relaxes at 'World Wide Living Room'

Incidentally, the moderators made several mistakes during the course of the conversation. At one point, Benni wanted to know from Basler whether he had met Oliver Kahn before - the two used to play together at FC Bayern . However, Basler accepted the slip-up calmly.

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It is precisely this serenity that should also be of use to him in the 'Summer House of the Stars', after all, the RTL format traditionally harbors great potential for conflict. The new season will start on September 7th.

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