Ezio Greggio and the “Fab four”: the family photo with the children's girlfriend of the same age

An aperitif in Saint Tropez in an unbuttoned shirt and Bermuda shorts. The former suitor of Men and Women, Romina Pierdomenico, on the other hand, does not give up on style with a red and low-cut dress

 ezio-crude-romina-pierdomenico-figli Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico, family holidays with his children! Look at the pictures Photo Video

Ezio Greggio, 68 years old, “is it him or is it not him? Of course it is ”he repeated in a sketch… It's him in the picture in Saint Tropez for the holidays with his extended family. There are the children Gabriele, 27, and Giacomo, 31, but above all the companion of the conductor of Striscia la Notizia, Romina Pierdomenico, 29. Accompanying the commentary: “The Fabulous Four”. - Photo | video

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COETANEA OF CHILDREN - Almost 40 years of difference between Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico, former suitor of Men and women , influencer, showgirl and radio host. She is therefore only 2 years older than Gabriele and 2 years younger than Giacomo.

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NO RECOMMENDATION - A few months ago the 29-year-old influencer had defended herself from criticism and accusations of being a registered letter saying that in her career she tried to do everything by herself and that sharing time with a person as cultured and talented as Ezio could only help her grow .

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