Fabio Fazio celebrates 20 years of Che tempo che fa: “My next programme? Here's what I'll do'

He interviewed Pope Francis, heads of state, actors, Nobel prizes (and even made Piero Angela talk about orgasm). Fabio Fazio reveals the ins and outs of a live life, between freezing stars (like Madonna) and political low blows. The future? 'At the end of the season my contract expires, we'll see.' But he has no shortage of projects. For instance…

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The editorial staff of Che tempo che fa is located in a bare-bones apartment in the center of Milan. On the walls, some posters dedicated to cinema: Amarcord , For a bunch of dollars . The colored LED walls of the studio, the one where important guests sit on Sunday evenings, are elsewhere. From Monday to Friday we work here – Photo | video

The Maneskin at Che tempo che fa: 'Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and...' The Maneskin at Che tempo che fa: 'Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and...'

WHERE EVERYTHING IS DESIGNED - Fabio Fazio is at the corner of a table, discussing with his collaborators. He leads us into his study, a room full of papers. On the bookshelf, a ceramic footballer wearing a Sampdoria shirt recalls his Sampdorian support («But I have Inter children, think of you»). On the table, a box filled with chocolate. Seated at one end of the sofa, Fazio drinks a little water and takes a long sigh. The next episode is all to be prepared. «Ours is a beautiful but complicated profession». What a time ago he turns twenty.

Liliana Segre on the Meloni government at Che tempo che fa: 'I am a serene spectator' - video

TWENTY YEARS – After 1,200 evenings, the Rai 3 broadcast with an average of 2.7 million viewers (and a peak of 8.6 million last February, hosted by Pope Francis) is a TV classic. If you search well, you will find the first episode on YouTube. It was 13 September 2003, Silvio Berlusconi was in government, Michael Schumacher was about to race to Monza, in Nassiriya they had already fired a few shots against the Italian contingent. Since then, many things have changed.

He didn't wear a beard . «Now there is, all white. She helps to hide ».

There was no desk with fish. 'A tribute to Acquarium by Maurizio Costanzo, the first talk on TV. The foreign guests like them very much, they are always amazed that they are alive».

He learned to tie his tie. 'Keeping it loose was my cover for Linus.'

A quirk. 'When I was Those who football I was convinced that the success of the show came from the fact that I wore a vest».

Another cover. What do you use today? «Nothing, after 40 years of TV I can do without it. And then the waistcoat doesn't fit well with the belly ».

Fabio Fazio's column on Oggi - laws

Her belly is Luciana Littizzetto's favorite target. «Luciana torments me about everything. But with love.'

Your first meeting? «A review of comedians I used to host. Luciana struck me because she was strong, new. We started working together, now we are a de facto couple».

Luciana Littizzetto cuts her hair for Iranian women – video

Twenty years. Did you ever think it would go on this long? “You never think about how long it will last. They placed us on the weekend, at 8.10 pm, against Tg1. Almost a punishment. We conquered everything.'

Barack Obama, Queen Rania, Claudio Abbado, Rita Levi Montalcini, Pelé have passed through her… 'Don't ask me for details because I'm forgetful.'

I tell him. You talked about orgasms with Piero Angela. 'At 92, live, he began to explain how men behave after sex.'

Discussed tomato sauce with Lady Gaga. «Sausage yes, sausage no, she told us her grandmother's recipe. Delightful host: empathic, generous».

Unlike? 'Madonna. If you go on TV you should give something of yourself. She was so professional as to appear cold.'

The most difficult interview? “With writer David Grossman, who had just lost his 20-year-old son Uri in the Israeli-Lebanese war. In the book he came to present death was represented by a metaphor and we talked of nothing but that, but Uri was everywhere. In the end we both had shining eyes».

Totti also came. What would you ask him today? 'I'd be in trouble. I don't find it right to dig into people's privacy to get a headline in the newspaper. Honestly, I'd rather not do this interview.'

Are some guests more tiring than others? 'Politicians. Because you perceive the distance between the words and what they really think».

Larry King said that the first rule of a good interviewer is knowing how to listen. 'I agree. I'm not the protagonist.'

Some say that by dint of letting her speak, she asks few questions. 'An old accusation ... It usually comes from journalists who, when they write the interviews, change the question asked to make it appear tougher'.

TV has changed. “The world has changed. My children look for videos on their mobile phones, on their computers, perhaps the next day».

Then? «We need to rethink general interest TV. It should unite, represent the identity of a country».

Find it, an identity. How many times have you found yourself in politics in these twenty years? 'Often. The fact of being free can be seen in those circumstances, because you are not defended by anyone'.

Not even by Rai executives? «When politics is aggressive it is difficult for someone to take your side, it would be naive to expect it. There is loneliness.'

Give me an example. Macron's interview at the Elysée. Italy was in crisis with France, Di Maio had gone to the Yellow Vests, Rai was deployed. It seemed that I had spoken to an enemy of the people. I think that meeting cost me the end of my stay on Rai 1'.

Angelo Guglielmi defined the public service as 'the world of old shadows'. 'Angelo used perfect definitions.'

You are Salvini's favorite target. She called her 'the communist with the Rolex'. “I have a nice watch, but it's not a Rolex. And then being a communist is complicated, you have to be able to afford it. I can not do that'.

The Northern League leader was his guest. «I do public TV, I invite everyone. I remember a pleasant conversation.'

Carlo Giovanardi is angry with her for her defense of Peppa Pig. 'I am very proud of this.'

The right has won, you said your program doesn't change. 'I work for a publisher, if he doesn't want the show anymore I can't do anything about it'.

In Rai they are all discovering Melonians. «Not only in Rai. There is a hunt for a relative called Giorgia…».

Two years ago it hosted the leader of the Brothers of Italy. Would she have said that she would come this far? “No, neither I nor anyone, I think. But I think that in some ways you are the more moderate part of the centre-right line-up. You have a historic opportunity, that of proposing a modern, contemporary and not extreme right. I hope you don't waste it.'

Letta said it was time to make 'street opposition'. Do you agree? «I would prefer to register among those who do not give advice to the Democratic Party. On the contrary, it would be better for the Democratic Party not to pay attention to those who give it attention».

Are you worried about the Italy that will come? «Yes, but then I think of young people. For them, even those who voted on the right, it is unacceptable that certain rights are alienated. They take them for granted.'

She said her kids don't watch TV. Not even the transmission of her? 'No. It's my life, not theirs.'

Michele is almost 18, Caterina 14. Who is the father? “Very dad. Their existence is the reason for mine.'

What do you do together? «With my son, who rides a motorcycle, we have an appointment of our own: one day a week I take him to a circuit above Genoa».

Review the integrals? «I also struggle with fractions. Help with Italian».

Fabio Fazio new Willy Wonka: save the historic chocolate factory in Varazze - guard

Meanwhile he bought a factory that produces chocolate. «La Lavoratti, a small company in Varazze that had decided to close during the Covid-19. It was the chocolate I ate as a child, so I called a friend, Davide, and said 'why don't we try it ourselves?'. We jumped in without knowing anything.'

Result? «We called the greatest, the pastry chef Corrado Assenza, and looked for the best ingredients. When we proposed Parmigiano Reggiano chocolate to the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium, they welcomed us with ill-concealed skepticism. It ended up that the next day they invited us to present it at the Salone del Gusto in Turin».

Is preparing a second life? «TV is an abstract work, I wanted to do something concrete».

Will you still be conducting interviews among the fish in five years? 'I no longer have anxiety about tomorrow. There is this season, then my contract ends, we will see ».

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