Fabio Fazio celebrates 20 years of 'Che tempo che fa' on Oggi: 'We had to conquer everything' – exclusive

The TV host confides in the weekly Oggi on newsstands. Speaking of post-election Italy. Of Europe with atomic fear. And of Rai, where he has been conducting the same program for 20 years, resisting attacks. The predictions, even about himself, of a record-breaking conductor

 fabio-fazio-litizzetto-launch-cover Fabio Fazio in the dressing room before the start of the episode of 'Che tempo che fa' and on the cover of Oggi on the newsstand Photo Video

It's the twentieth season of 'Che tempo che fa' and its host, Fabio Fazio, talks about the past, present and future on Oggi at the newsstand. Starting from the beginning: «You never think about how long it will last. They placed us on the weekend, at 8.10 pm, against Tg1. Almost a punishment. We conquered everything” – Photo | video

The Maneskin at Che tempo che fa: 'Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and...' The Maneskin at Che tempo che fa: 'Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll and...'

Fabio Fazio, follow his column on Oggi – guard

The cover of Today on newsstands

 !P!Today!IS!0043.2022!N!43 COVER FAZIO!E!.pdf THE INTERVIEWS-SCOOP – Fabio Fazio retraces the scoop interviews, the most 'delightful, empathetic, generous' guests, like Lady Gaga, or the most icy, like Madonna. Replying to those who criticize him for not asking too many questions: 'An old accusation... It usually comes from journalists who, when they write the interviews, change the question asked to make it appear tougher'. And he explains: «TV has changed. The world has changed… We need to rethink general interest TV. It should unite, represent the identity of a country».

Fabio Fazio: everything, absolutely everything, about his career - guard

POLITICAL ATTACKS – On the political attacks to which he has often been subjected, Fabio Fazio says: «The fact of being free can be seen in those circumstances, because you are not defended by anyone». Not even by Rai executives? «When politics is aggressive it is difficult for someone to take your side, it would be naive to expect it. There is loneliness.' And he gives an example: «Macron's interview at the Elysée. Italy was in crisis with France, Di Maio had gone to the Yellow Vests, Rai was deployed. It seemed that I had spoken to an enemy of the people. I think that meeting cost me the end of my stay on Rai 1'. And he concludes: «I no longer have anxiety about tomorrow. There is this season, then my contract ends, we will see ».

The full interview is on Today at the newsstand

Source: oggi.it