Fabio Fazio new Willy Wonka: save the historic chocolate factory in Varazze

Leads Che tempo che fa. He writes on Today. And now he becomes an entrepreneur. With partner Davide Petrini he takes over Lavoratti 1938. To relaunch it in the world. And to become a little child again. 'Which is the most beautiful thing there is'

 fabio-fazio-chocolate-factory-1920 Fabio Fazio with partner Davide Petrini and all the Lavoratti 1938 staff Photo

Who doesn't like chocolate? Impossible to resist the intoxicating aroma of the food of the Gods, which among its fans also includes legions of famous people, one above all Fabio Fazio: the conductor of Ligurian origin, like a new Willy Wonka, announced himself on Instagram in mid-September to have taken over, together with the restaurateur Davide Petrini, Lavoratti 1938, a historic chocolate factory in Varazze at risk of closure in the post Covid era - Photo

Fabio Fazio writes for Today: read his column - or

QUALITY RAW MATERIALS - 'My grandparents lived in Varazze', explained Fazio, 'I was born and lived in Savona and at every Easter the Lavoratti egg, which was the house brand in the village, arrived on time. The grandparents gave it to my brother and me ”. Sweet childhood memories, which the familiar face of Italian television has now transformed into a new business venture. The challenge, in fact, is to save the company, the brand and the history of a reality of over 80 years so deeply rooted in the territory and in the memory of many Italians. But the ambition of the two chocolate lovers it doesn't stop there: they want to make the best chocolate possible. A goal to be achieved thanks to a close-knit team that works, with care and passion, on every aspect of the supply chain. Starting, of course, with the use of top quality raw materials, such as the cocoa beans harvested, fermented and dried from the Hacienda San Josè, in Los Ríos (Ecuador), with a long history marked by high quality but also '' attention to the environment, sustainability and social responsibility. And that's not all: because it is equally essential that excellent raw materials end up in the hands of experts master chocolatier .

TO GET BACK A LITTLE CHILDREN - This is why the Sicilian pastry chef Corrado Assenza was chosen as the person in charge of the selection of ingredients and recipes for Lavoratti chocolate. From his passion, and from that of the whole team, new delights will be born that will allow us to gratify the palate, but also to become a bit like children again, as Fabio Fazio himself says, the most beautiful thing there is.

Source: oggi.it