Fabio Liverani, the last poignant memory of his wife Federica: 'I would have given my life for her'

The Cagliari coach remembers the last moments with his wife suffering from brain tumor: 'He smiled and fought. Federica wanted to live, for our children. Federica was her life '

 fabio liverani Fabio Liverani, Federica and their two children

Fabio Liverani tells of his life alongside Federica Frangipane, the wife who gave him two children, Mattia and Lucrezia, who died of a brain tumor at the age of 46: “He was strong, he fought to the end”.

Fabio Liverani, tragedy for the Cagliari coach: his wife Federica died, aged only 46 - guard

A LIFE TOGETHER - The Cagliari coach talks about it to Corriere della Sera. How he met her when he was only 13 and their 'beautiful' story. A story that remained beautiful even when they separated: 'Love can end, good was and will remain forever. This is how Mattia and Lucrezia lived there: two people who continued to respect and esteem each other. Federica was my youth, my disappointments, my successes ”. It happened just before she fell ill: “The first diagnosis was not terrible: a meningioma, a benign brain cancer. She was operated on for the first time, then she reappeared again and underwent the second surgery. Until the third operation, she at that point she was no longer an evil to fight. She believed she could do it until six months ago. She smiled and fought. Federica wanted to live, for our children. Federica was life ”.

I WOULD HAVE LEFT EVERYTHING - Fabio was divided between Cagliari and Rome, to be close to Federica, in recent times with her mobility now compromised, and to their children. He would never have imagined losing her so soon. He was also ready to leave football: “I was ready to sacrifice everything. She didn't let me. I would have given my life if it had saved her. She still had so much to give ”. Of her remains 'her goodness, her smile'. But also 'the affection that the world of football is showing to my family. It is a world seen as privileged and that's it. Instead I discovered genuine feelings. True '.

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