Fabrizio Gifuni speaks: 'There is no doubt, Aldo Moro could have been saved'

The actor will be the statesman in Marco Bellocchio's series 'Esterno Notte' (on Rai 1 in prime time on 14, 15 and 17 November). And here he tells what it meant for him to play it

 fabrizio-gifuni-launch-today-46ok Fabrizio Gifuni: he is Aldo Moro on TV

“There is no doubt that Moro could have been saved. There was a political will that prevailed, a confluence of national and international interests that effectively led to choosing the 'dead Moro' option. It was preferred not to really seek his prison: it is documented ». So says Fabrizio Gifuni in an interview with the weekly Today (on newsstands from 10 November) a few days after the airing of the Marco Bellocchio series on Rai 1 Exterior Night (on Rai 1 in prime time on November 14, 15 and 17).

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INTERPRETS MORO – Gifuni plays Aldo Moro, president of the Christian Democrats, kidnapped in Rome on March 16, 1978 and killed by the Red Brigades, after 55 days of captivity. In the interview, the actor discusses the figure of Moro and the responsibility of the political world, of his party, the DC, and of Giulio Andreotti.

THE SHADOWS ON THE MURDER – The actor also talks about the shadows that remain on the Moro case. “Some pieces are missing and the only ones who could fill them are the still living people involved in the story. There was an agreement, which simplifies and falsifies this story, between some statesmen of the time and the Red Brigades, on what would be the truth to be transmitted to posterity'.

The full interview is up Today on newsstands .

Source: oggi.it