Israel, between scents and flavors to discover food and wine

At the center of the international gastronomic stage, the country offers visitors a variety of dishes from the most traditional to the most modern ones to be accompanied by high-level local wines. An offer to be discovered
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EL AL, new routes, services and attractive fares to fly between Italy and Israel

Enhanced connections between the two countries with 32 weekly flights from the main airports, more services and greater fare flexibility to fly on a 5-star airline (Apex official airline ratings certified)
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Destination Pila: fun and relaxation in the snow

Winter holidays: a refuge in nature just a few minutes from the center of Aosta where you can enjoy stress-free days, just all about sport and well-being. And then the torchlight vigil of solidarity
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Let yourself be conquered by #IsraeleRomantic

Like Maria Teresa Ruta and Roberto Zappulla you will discover the magic of places…. of the heart…
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From the sunset of Jerusalem to the unknown beaches of the Mediterranean coast

The terraces of Jerusalem, the seafronts of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the very white beaches of Nahsholim (where you can get excited by immersing yourself in the relics of antiquity), dinners by candlelight and mystical places like Akka: the destinations for couples where spark of love
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Romantic Israel, the magical places of well-being for couples. Follow the advice of Maria Teresa Ruta

A destination for modern stars (from Rihanna to Gal Gadot) and ancient ones such as Cleopatra, the Dead Sea, its spas and mud treatments help to regain psychophysical balance. And with EL AL - the Israeli national airline - it has never been so comfortable to reach these places, from all the major Italian airports.
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L'chaim! Israel and its wines between tradition and innovation

From the Golan heights to the vineyards cultivated in the Negev desert, passing through the Galilee, Samaria, Samson, the Judean hills, an oenological journey to discover the ancient traditions and tastes, aromas and flavors of the best glasses to share, romantically , with the beloved
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The most spiritual Galilee: the place to renew the promises of love, like Maria Teresa Ruta and Roberto Zappulla

The presenter and her husband have decided to celebrate in Cana, Israel, the wedding of the heart and a feeling that has accompanied them for over 13 years.
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Romantic Tel Aviv: sea, cuisine and fun

International and cosmopolitan, according to Lonely Planet it is among the most hedonistic cities on the planet. A metropolis where people live day and night, 24 hours a day.
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Let yourself be conquered by #IsraeleRomantico

Like Maria Teresa Ruta and Roberto Zappulla you will discover the magic of places…. of the heart…
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