'Farmer is looking for a woman': ex-candidate collects middle finger from partner

  Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer"Bauer sucht Frau" sind bereits seit knapp zwei Jahren ein Paar. Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer from 'Bauer sucht Frau' have been a couple for almost two years. Bild: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer have been a couple for almost two years. In 2020 they met in the dome show 'Bauer sucht Frau'. Although Antonia had voluntarily broken off her court week prematurely, nonetheless, after some back and forth, the two got together after filming wrapped.

Although the couple will soon be celebrating their two-year anniversary, Patrick and Antonia remain in a long-distance relationship. The family business where Patrick works is located on Lake Constance in Baden-Wuerttemberg . Antonia, on the other hand, lives and works in Hanover. After all, the two separate a proud 700 kilometers. For Antonia and Patrick, this means that they have to commute regularly. This week Antonia is with Patrick to help him with the farm work. The 26-year-old couldn't resist a slippery saying to his girlfriend.

'Farmer is looking for a woman' couple: A slippery saying and a finger

on Instagram Patrick took his more than 75,000 followers with him during Antonia's stay and filmed his partner during a tractor ride. Apparently there is no more space in the vehicle next to the self-proclaimed 'Ackerdemiker', because Antonia had to stand and hold on while driving. The farmer wanted to know with a laugh from the Hanoverian whether everything was fine. However, she did not answer him, but gave her friend the middle finger.

In addition to the sequence, he jokingly wrote on his Instagram story:

'Antonia is being really fucked again today.'

Was Patrick referring to an earlier statement by Antonia with his ambiguous joke? in one Interview With ' celebrity flash ' the beautician spoke about how Patrick prepares her for court life and said: 'When I'm there, I'm pushed to the limit and have to do everything - whether I want to or not.'

Antonia and Patrick stick to a long-distance relationship

In principle, Antonia would actually be ready to move into Patrick's farm, but the two are slowly starting to move in together. 'We're super happy with how things are going for us right now. We don't necessarily have to move in together.' , Antonia told ' celebrity flash ' and added: 'We are completely fine with the situation. We see each other every two or three weeks for several days and are always happy about it.'

Her plan is currently, after Patrick's master's degree a joint one apartment to move into - but the two don't want to stress each other out.

Source: watson.de