Fear for Elizabeth of England: doctors are 'worried' and William and Charles fly to her in Scotland

The Palace issues a communiqué to alert the subjects. Prime Minister Liz Truss is interrupted in parliament and says: 'The whole country is with her.' The son and grandson rush to the summer residence

 Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the London 2012 Olympic yards Elizabeth of England, 96 years old of which 70 on the throne Photo Video

'The whole country is worried about you,' says the new prime minister Liz Truss. And it is true. For the first time there is genuine concern for the health of Queen Elizabeth that since July she has not been seen outside the Balmoral estate, in Scotland, where she is on vacation. The Palace even issues a press release from her Majesty's doctors to warn the subjects - Photo | video

The latest official engagement of Queen Elizabeth, with the new prime minister Liz Truss - guard

UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION “After further investigation this morning, the Queen's doctors express concern for Her Majesty's health and recommend that she remain under medical supervision. The queen will stay in Balmoral. ' This is the statement from Buckingham Palace, very unusual, because it rarely comments on the monarch's health problems. The news is also given to Prime Minister Truss at the same time, while he is in the municipalities to discuss a law.

William and Kate accompany their three children to the first day of school - guard

THE HEIRS FLY TO SCOTLAND - The family is kept informed minute by minute and William, Carlo and Camilla fly to Balmoral to be next to Elizabeth. Yesterday, the sovereign was supposed to have participated remotely in the Privy Council meeting, during which the prime minister takes the oath of her, but she did not hear from her and this had already sounded an alarm bell. It is not known exactly what alerted the doctors and what tests were made, but it is possible that it is more than the usual mobility problems.

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