Fear for Lando Buzzanca, who fell out of his wheelchair and was hospitalized. Here's how it is

The 86-year-old actor, hospitalized in an RSA for months, ended up in the Gemelli hospital in Rome. Son Massimiliano: “He slipped from his wheelchair and hit his forehead. They give me sporadic news'

 lando_buzzanca_645 In August, Lando had launched a desperate appeal through his trusted doctor: 'I've lost 30 kilos, let me go home!' Photo Video

Lando Buzzanca was hospitalized in the Gemelli hospital after falling from the wheelchair in the RSA where he has been a guest for several months now. The 86-year-old actor hit his forehead and some checks are needed. Photo | video

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Lando Buzzanca, the desperate appeal from his hospitalization: 'I lost 30 kilos, let me go home!

THIS IS HOW IT IS - His son Massimiliano talks about his condition, who tells the microphones of Pomeriggio Cinque: “Dad didn't have a serious thing but a small accident along the way. He slipped out of his wheelchair and hit his forehead. He was hospitalized as a precaution because he has a small effusion, but nothing serious because it was a minor stroke ”.

Lando Buzzanca and the cerebral hemorrhage, his son Massimiliano speaks: 'Here's how he really is' – exclusive

SPORADIC NEWS - The actor has already performed three CT scans and, as Massimiliano recounts, 'there are no traumas or anything invasive. However, they always give me sporadic news. They should have taken him to the geriatrics today, he should also stay there over the weekend. He was quiet and asleep in the last hours when I got the latest news ”.

Lando Buzzanca, the shocking words of his son Massimiliano: 'He doesn't understand words, he has senile dementia, he is unable to get married' – guard

GO BACK HOME - In August, Lando had launched, through his trusted doctor, Fulvio Tomaselli, an appeal to go home after losing thirty kilos. Massimiliano is doing everything to not prolong his hospitalization, which has been going on since 2021 and due to a neurodegenerative disease: 'For a month and a half, dad has been a little more lively and has gained a little more weight, so he's better, unfortunately we didn't want this incident'.

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