Fear of Cara Delevingne 'locked in the house for days'. Margot Robbie in tears after seeing her

The supermodel had suffered from depression in the past. They filmed her as she wandered barefoot at Los Angeles' Van Nuys airport, in a daze. And she hasn't left the house for days

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How is Cara Delevingne really doing? It seems that she has not left the house for days. They would have filmed her shortly before at the airport barefoot in a daze. And friend Margot Robbie was seen leaving her apartment in tears. Fans are worried, not least because the supermodel has suffered from depression in the past. - Photo | video

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THE AIRPORT - They are not the only ones, of course, to harbor perplexity. The first are Cara's friends and acquaintances. Just before closing the door behind them, they had photographed her at a festival with her legs covered in red and bruised spots. Then it was filmed as she walked around barefoot at Los Angeles' Van Nuys airport. She seemed in a daze. Once on the plane of Jay-Z, Beyoncé's rapper husband, she had landed a few minutes later, agitated, on the phone, with her iPhone falling several times until she got into an SUV, keeping her feet bare. out the window. Gossip site Tmz has raised the case.

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THE TEARS OF MARGOT - Also because Margot Robbie, the friend who starred with her in Suicide Squad, would have gone to visit her to leave the house in tears, with a trolley and a bag that, according to the tabloids, seemed to contain medicines. And Margot is not the only one who wants to ascertain her health conditions. Her older sister Poppy, 36, has come to Los Angeles from London. Cara has suffered from depression in the past, as she said herself: 'When I see things are going too well, I do something to sabotage everything.' And the depression had also gripped mother Pandora, a celebrity of the London nightclubs of the eighties, who wrote in her autobiography: 'I was always looking for something, a drink, a drug, anything to get me out, to no longer be myself and become another person, self-confident, without fears or anxieties ”.

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