Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri: 'The wedding will come, but having a child already means forever'

She tissue, he footballer, have been together since 2009 and have two daughters, Sofia and Beatrice. She: 'I am surprised, I kiss every moment'. He: “I understood that she would not have distanced me from my affections. We come from humble families, we have the same values”.

  nargi-matri-daughters Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri met at the disco in 2009 Video

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri: the tissue and the footballer, practically a cliché, a cliché. But certainly not in their destiny: together since 2009, Sofia and Beatrice's parents are a long-term couple who try to lead a life as normal as possible. With quarrels, romance, Instagram (she has 5 million followers, not a few) and the education of her daughters. And the wedding? He says: “It will come. But already having a child means forever. We will do it because it is a sign of love and a protection of the daughters'. The story of their love, including the interludes of 'Sandra and Raimondo', they did at Courier Photo | video

Federica Nargi, the bikini of the ex tissue makes Alessandro Matri dream… and the fans. Watch the video Federica Nargi, the bikini of the ex tissue makes Alessandro Matri dream… and the fans. Watch the video

THE FIRST MEETING – The first meeting between them is a bit of a pink comedy, with her not giving him the number (alternative to the one where you give the wrong number), in a nightclub where they meet in 2009. Here is their duet: “ I didn't give him the number for a month, if anything I called him from an unknown number. But I found him in the clubs every Sunday”. Until Federica takes pity on his constancy, she calls him from her landline and he starts calling her at all hours (it works like this: if you want him, it's love as in New paradise cinema , where the protagonist was waiting at her house and it's a very romantic scene; if you don't want it, it's like a stalker). Then breaking down all the stereotypes, in the series you have to grab the man by the throat, Federica invites him home and prepares the tofficini. It's definitely true love, they never leave each other again.

Alessandro Matri, goodbye to football: now he's a full-time (long-haired) dad... with Federica Nargi always by his side - guard

FEDERICA'S JEALOUSY - The couple's love begins like in a pink comedy and continues with a scene of jealousy that they still can't stop talking about. First she and then him: “Let's go to a club, I arrive first. Then, I see him coming, closing his jacket. One goes on him, closes his buttons and says: are you cold?”. He adds: 'I saw an anomalous wave cross the room and fall on this girl. Pick her up. Move it by weight”. Imagine, Federica, beautiful, standing out on all of them at a marching pace and, like Rambo, facing the jungle of competitor . From applause.

Federica Nargi with Alessandro Matri and her daughters Sofia and Beatrice: family-sized holiday in Formentera… and the former tissue is a stunner – guard

IDENTICAL VALUES – The couple also explains how and why their love lasts. She falls in love because he immediately appears as a respectful man: 'He was handsome, but above all he respected me: he was waiting for my call, he could have had someone give me the number, but he didn't'. She because she remains the girl next door: 'At the beginning the aesthetic part counted, but above all I saw that she fit well in my world, with my childhood friends, with my family in the village, in Graffignana, in the Lodi area . There are two thousand inhabitants and we are content to go to the bar, meet at home. I understood that she would not have distanced me from my affections. We come from humble families, we have the same values”.

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri, the last sea of ​​autumn (and of love) with their daughters Sofia and Beatrice: direction… marriage! – exclusive

WHO IS THAT NEVER FIGHTS? -  Alessandro admits that there have been 'Many, many discussions. Increased with the arrival of daughters: being a parent forces you to make continuous decisions', she underlines to avoid misunderstandings: 'There has never been a real crisis, however'. Then speaking of romance he says that she is the more romantic of the couple, who is always looking for romance. Federica confirms: 'Because I am surprised, I kiss every moment. I gave him the tape with recorded our songs, the pillow with our photo and written I love you. He is colder, Nordic” (we have already heard this one about men).

Federica Nargi and Alessandro Matri, what love! – guard

THE PRESENT -  What about the couple's present, waiting for the wedding? He is a commentator on Dazn, she led Colorado , and participated in Beijing Express and Such Which Show. She will also be an entrepreneur. In the meantime, she has become less jealous (she at first she controlled who Matri went out with, to whom she now came back and made a scene); she on the other hand “exploits” him. She reveals Matri: “I take the photos she puts on Instagram. I am enslaved. It's not that I mind taking a picture, but I take it and she says the light is wrong, the dress needs to be changed… To take one, we have to take a hundred. This every day.' And with this he has condemned himself to be taken as an example by all the women who will say to their companions: 'Look, Matri, what a fantastic companion he is'.

Federica and Alessandro, end of the year in the mountains – guard

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