Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, it's the big day! Armored wedding in Venice

Everything is ready for the late summer wedding of the two sportsmen. It begins with a breakfast at Cipriani, in the afternoon the ceremony, followed by dinner and super party. All orchestrated by Enzo Miccio

 federica-pellegrini-matteo-giunta-matrimonio Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, photostory of a love ... arrived at the altar Photo Video

Now the big day has arrived. Federica Pellegrini, from Veneto, the strongest Italian swimmer ever, marries her former coach Matteo Giunta, from the Marche region. You start with a breakfast in the historic Cipriani hotel in Venice and then at 4 pm an appointment in the church of San Zaccaria. But she doesn't stop there. - Photo | video

Federica Pellegrini speaks: “The marriage with Matteo Giunta? We wanted to get married on the beach, but ...

WHAT WE KNOW - Armored party, also for the exclusivity granted to a weekly. They will be a wedding in the church. “We also evaluated other hypotheses”, he confessed to La Stampa, “then the story took me there. I grew up with the idea of ​​the white dress and the traditional ceremony '. The reception will be in the evening at the luxurious JW Marriott Venice Resort. 160 guests expected and all orchestrated by Enzo Miccio.

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta married: all the details of the wedding of 27 August - exclusive

THE WHITE DRESS - The last rehearsal was last week in a top secret Milanese atelier, but rumors say it will be signed by Giorgio Armani. The wedding rings, on the other hand, are Damiani branded. 'I'm traveling for the last dress fitting. Sorry for the seriousness but it's 7 am and there's nothing to laugh about, 'Federica wrote jokingly on her social media profiles. Which she then told about the further pre-wedding preparations: relaxation and beauty treatments until late at night, manicures and photos with the countdown with her father Roberto yesterday morning.

Federica Pellegrini towards marriage: 'Matteo Giunta is leaving for the bachelor party, keep an eye on him' - guard

THE GUESTS - In recent weeks the bride has spoiled the name of the witness: her brother Alessandro, barman at The St Regis Venice. Among the guests, in the front row the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò: he considers her as her daughter, after in 2006 he raised her from the dark moment, the food problems, the too many expectations of her. There will be Pennetta and Fognini, but not the ex Filippo Magnini (the other ex is Luca Marin) who is also the husband's cousin: fractures never healed. Vanessa and Rocky with Cesare and Bianca, the couple's four French bulldogs, will stand out.

Federica Pellegrini can't wait: 'I'll have the wedding I've always dreamed of

HONEYMOON - “It will be in America, in our places of the heart - says Federica Pellegrini - we were used to having a boarding school every year, we miss them. Around the world has been a desire for some time but for now we postpone ”. First the couple will dedicate themselves to finding a love nest: 'We are looking for a bigger house, with a garden, if we could find the right solution in Verona, everything else would also accelerate'.

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