Federico Faggin, the inventor of the microchip: 'Watch out for young people, they are addicted to smartphones'

The scientist raises the alarm about the dangers of the network and the metaverse: 'I tell the boys: use your brain instead of the PC'. The interview is in the new issue of Oggi

 Wired Next Fest 2019 - Day 2 Scientist Federico Faggin: 'Young people are addicted to smartphones'

'Our children are dumbfounded by social media. They forget that cars have a small door on the back through which someone enters to dominate them ». The alarm comes from those who do not expect it: Federico Faggin, the Italian genius who invented the microchip in 1968.

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THE SCIENTIST'S COMPLAINT - In the interview with the weekly Oggi in the issue on newsstands from Thursday 22 September, the scientist warns: 'I am concerned about a phenomenon that is there for all to see: the alienation of young people. To the boys I say: use your brain instead of the pc. Smartphones are a bit like drugs, you have to be careful. The teenager becomes a prisoner of misinformation. Now with the metaverse he will end up taking refuge even more outside himself, in virtual reality. Humanity risks a spiritual disaster '.

BEYOND THE BODY - Faggin also tells Today about himself, how he changed the world and what he dedicated himself to afterwards: understanding who we are and where we are going. With a shocking theory: «We are not the body, we go beyond its duration. Science denies it, thinks it is a myth, but only because it has not yet studied this part of reality ».

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Source: oggi.it