Fedez speaks: “I would never like to forget the disease. With Chiara and our children it's not a reality show'

An outgoing single, the experience on X Factor and the return of Lol for a Christmas special: it couldn't be a happier and richer time for the rapper. And, in an interview, he once again tells how lucky he feels

 fedez-interview-ferragni-sons-christmas copy Fedez, the disease and his 'normal' family Photo Video

The occasion is the presentation of the Christmas special by Lol – Whoever laughs is out (watch), where he once again finds himself as a presenter. Or as a 'referee' as he prefers to call himself. Fedez talks about himself in an interview with Corriere della Sera in which he also addresses the issue of illness, 'a precious experience' despite everything, and his relationship with social media. – Photo | video

'LOL - Who laughs is out' returns with a Christmas special 'LOL - Who laughs is out' returns with a Christmas special

Fedez vents: “After cancer my life got worse and I became depressed

THE IMPORTANCE OF REMEMBERING – The rapper has never hidden the difficulties related to the disease ( guard ) and now he returns to talk about it with an open heart: 'I hope I never forget what I had to go through, because I believe it is a precious experience,' says Fedez speaking of the illness that forced him to have an operation last year. “I'm fine, I was very lucky to find a rare type of tumor in time; right now I'm following the necessary treatments in the face of an invasive operation like the one I had to undergo, but I'm absolutely fine'.

Linda Riverditi breaks the bank and Fedez sbrocca: confirmations and surprises on X Factor, in view of the final – guard

THE RACE OF LIKES – Leone and Vittoria's father knows he is a divisive character, loved and hated at the same time: “It's part of the job I do, I'm publicly exposed and this also includes the fact of being a polarizing subject. I accept him for who he is ”. But he doesn't fit when he and Chiara Ferragni are accused of overexposing his family: “We have not created any permanent reality shows, we use Instagram stories to publish what happens to us during the day exactly like millions of other people do. We have not invented anything and we do not use anything different from what many people use”. And on the possibility of having sometimes exaggerated with posting, however, he does not hold back: 'Yes, of course, these are things that happen to everyone'.

The Ferragnez Christmas is all lights and good humor – guard

LOL XMAS SPECIAL -  Six of the most loved protagonists of the first two editions will relive the comedy-show experience in an all-Christmas atmosphere. Fedez returns to his role as host and judge, while Mara Maionchi, Frank Matano, Maria Di Biase, Michela Giraud, Mago Forest and Lillo will compete. The special will be available exclusively on Prime Video from 9pm on December 19th.

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