Fiorello at Viva Rai2, the (fake) scolding from Rai's top management arrives. And he becomes a 'beast' for Francesca Fagnani

The comedian closes the program before the Christmas holidays with many guests and gags. Francesca Fagnani, the most talked about interviewer of the moment, also arrives for the occasion

  fiorello-fagnani-rossi-23-december Serena Rossi and Francesca Fagnani among Fiorello's guests on Viva Rai2! Photo Video

Revelations from Glass cam in weather version: in spite of the almost tropical Christmas anticyclone which should bring temperatures up to 25 degrees, the Roman dawn seems rather cold judging by the quantity of woolen hats pulled over the ears and scarves around the neck of the large audience behind the barriers of Via Asiago. It is no coincidence that today the usual teeming pre-directed animation takes place entirely inside the portable veranda of Viva Raidue: it will be that no one likes to spend the holidays in bed with a cold and sore throat. – Photo | video

Fiorello, to Viva Rai2! there is also the joke on the cover of Oggi Fiorello, on Viva Rai2! there is also the joke on the cover of Oggi

Fiorello at Viva Rai2!: if you missed something… – special

THE COCK HAS ARRIVED – Marco Masini is the big man who, from his home studio, in a white leather armchair on which the ever-beautiful red lily of Florence stands out, performs his personal hymn to the Morning show which brings a breakfast of good humor to the homes of Italians. Then I cut onto the usual dark and deserted street of the bypass, at 5.15 pm, where, however, there seems to be little in a good mood. This time it is the faithful Biggio who is alone; Fiorello arrives late with a funeral face. What happened? «Eh, after yesterday's broadcast the top management called me. I thought it was to compliment us, but they bullied me: we need to raise the level of broadcasting, no more dancing in a wig with pigtails, we need more culture!». Go with the flash under the cam and above the cam: Rosario Tindaro and Biggio reappear wearing Einstein make-up. «We look like those in the supermarket... And then no, this is not culture. It's science.' Second attempt: disguise yourself as Dante. «Not at all, this isn't even culture…». Third attempt and… twist, Walter Veltroni's big face appears: «I don't know why I'm here at 6 in the morning, but I'm happy to tell you where we are. Here Rai began its journey in a distant time. Today it produces things like this, but it also has a glorious past…».

Fiorello speaks: “For Viva Rai2 every morning I wake up, I wake up. The target? Good humor with food for thought” – guard

THE EVE OF THE EVE – Go with the last episode of 2022: it closes for the holidays and returns on January 16th. «Today is the eve of the eve: the day of intelligent departures», explains Fiorello. «At this hour on the roads and highways there are 17,000,000 intelligent people already in queues. The only moron leaves alone at 10. December 24th is the day when Catholics go to Mass and everyone eats, eats, eats. Then on the 25th, whatever is left over is put into a single large pan and eaten, eaten, eaten. «Last night the interview with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was broadcast by Bruno Vespa with an orgasmic face. For Ama(deus), who hoped to do the interview himself, a big blow». There is talk of Mes, the European Stability Mechanism which provides for the disbursement of Community funds (in exchange for stringent guarantees) to those Member States, in difficulty with the budget: President Meloni said she is willing to subscribe, signing with her own blood, the promise that Italy will never take that money. «She also said that rather, she goes to Serracchiani's hairdresser. I didn't want to be hairy, but I admit that there is a bit of playmobilism…».

Fiorello, to Viva Rai2! there is also the joke on the cover of Oggi – guard

PRESS REVIEW – Again Meloni on the finance law: I don't work miracles. «But there is the multiplication of bonuses. He says that the covers are missing… but for those, just open Panzeri's wardrobes. Another 250,000 euros from South Africa have sprung up now. You will see that sooner or later San Marino will also appear: everyone competes to give money to Panzerotto». From the press review: large space in all the newspapers, to the gag of yesterday's episode on Giorgia's fake disqualification from the Sanremo festival caused by the reckless Fiorello who, severely punished by the regulation, had previewed her song. Returning to serious things: days full of great news await us. «Between changing the Spid and retuning the digital terrestrial channels, we'll spend the holidays figuring out how it works. We'll have to call the accountant and the psychologist. Luckily there is the special bonus, closely linked to that on furniture: with the stratospheric increase in psychoanalytic sessions, there will also be a boom in the purchase of new sofas».

Francesca Fagnani, very bad me: 'And I smile, beast among beasts' - exclusive

TITLES ON TITLES – Again from the newspapers: Salvini dictates the times for the bridge over the Strait, the laying of the first stone within two years. «It is not the first stone that is important, but the last. And then someone else had already said this thing about the stone: Salvini, you are the new St. Peter!». From the Quirinale: President Mattarella still slightly positive. «It has been for many days, the virus is now combed like him. Yesterday Mara Venier also said she had covid. It's not that those two…. Outrage!' Musical break with Anna Foglietta, in the Holly Golightly version, at Tiffany's, a Manhattan jewelry store made immortal by the famous breakfast, directly on the roof of the Glass studio for her Christmas song. Aftermath of controversy for the World Cup final in Qatar. French fans present a petition: referee sold, match against Argentina to be replayed. «Nothing new, 3rd category championship stuff. Already we in Sicily, in the suburban pitches, were shouting: referee sold! Horned referee! You have more horns on your head than a basket of babbaluci, that is snails. How do you say snails in Perugia? Snails».

THERE ARE ALSO BEAUTIFUL – Space for Belvo, the hottest interview column of caustic soda. The unfortunate woman of the day, in the clutches of the aggressive Franco Fagnano, alias Rosario Tindaro, is…Francesca Fagnani, the original. Go with the flurry of embarrassing questions: 'Is it true that you have breakfast with bread and oil?'. 'Yup'. 'What is your favorite song as a child?' «Marameo why are you dead». 'How sad.' «A bad question: pandoro or panettone?». 'Panettone'. «Scoop: I could have sworn you were more of the Pandoro type…». «Finally: do you feel like a beautiful Fagnana?». 'Yup'. From the universe of printed paper: the newspaper Leggo, herald of the free press, the one distributed free of charge, publishes the list of wrong news for 2022. «The director Davide Desario apologizes for the mistakes. Pd, take him!». Again from the newspapers: She argues with her husband and calls the Carabinieri who find 9 kilos of drugs in her house. 'The husband and son ended up under house arrest, that is, at home... with drugs... at least get them off!'

GUESTS OF HONOR – Line to the very special correspondent Gabriele Vagnato, comedian and creator born in Asti, but raised in Catanzaro, who presents an initiative that broadens the heart: against expensive airline tickets that attack the pockets of workers and students who want to return to the South to spend the holidays with the family, there are those who organize an alternative and completely free transport by bus. Milan-Catania: 23 hours. A question arises spontaneously: «But if these airline tickets to the South cost the same as those to New York, why didn't you go to the Big Apple to spend Christmas?». The Fiorello-Serena Rossi singing duet introduces the grand finale with Walter Veltroni. “Tell us something about the labor of the Democratic Party…”. 'It's a democratic party, let's hope it arrives... always democratic'. «You who founded it, give your companions a piece of advice in three words for the future». 'As Pope John Paul II said: Do not be afraid'. That's everything from the Glass studio. We will meet again on January 16th. Happy holidays everyone.