Fiorello is back on TV: after the controversy with Tg1, it will be broadcast in December on Rai2

The rumors about the airing on Ra1. The controversies of journalists for the 'occupation' of their space. And now, the CEO of state TV announces that he has found an agreement: 135 episodes in the time slot between 7 and 8.30. And the showman… he laughs about it

 fiorello-programme-rai2-1920 Fiorello prepares his return to TV Photo Video

It will be called Long live Rai2 and it is Fiorello's new programme. The tensions arising from the protest of the Tg1 journalists were resolved with the move of the showman's expected return to Rai2. The title is the one used by the managing director of state TV Carlo Fuortes in presenting Fiorello's new project to the Board of Directors. There will be 135 episodes and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday from November 7 on RaiPlay and from December 5 on Rai2. The airing is scheduled between 7 and 8.30, but the precise time is still to be established. Lastly, on Saturday and Sunday, the best of the week will be presented by Radio2 – photos yesterday and today | video

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THE SATISFIED SHOWMAN - The solution found seems to be appreciated by Fiorello who broke the silence with a ' Long live Rai2! And so we already have the title', adding his thanks to Rai and above all to 'Carlo Fuortes and Stefano Coletta for giving me the opportunity to return to Rai and to do it on Rai 2. It is a choice that makes me happy, I love the first times, even if in reality it is a return. In 1992 I made The New Cantagiro and today, after a long tour of 30 years, I arrive early in the morning on Rai 2 with a project that I hold dear, and which, as it was with Live Radio 2 and Long live Raiplay , has that joyful flavor of a new beginning”. Finally, some conciliatory lines also for the journalists of Tg1: 'I thank the journalists of Tg1 for the words of esteem for me, contained in the letter published yesterday, and I wish them to find the answers and solutions to work better'.

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