Fiorello, the best of Viva Rai2: targeting the Prima della Scala and 'Photovoltacchio'

The comedian ranges from the worldly event par excellence, to the Christmas tree in Rome, up to the inevitable politics. And the ratings hold

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On Friday 9 December, we bypass the first week of Viva Rai2 and a question (which agitates the debate among critics) arises spontaneously: is it the dawn of the new TV or just a TV program at dawn? To the auditel the arduous sentence. Three surveys show that, lap after lap, in the time slot when the rooster crows, Fiorello is currently in third position, with average peaks of over 700,000 spectators for a share of 15 percent; in front of everyone, the Verstappen of the Grand Prix of ratings, that is the unattainable Weather of 8.30, with over a million aficionados and a share of 19 percent; according to the 7.59 Tg1 seen, on average, by 880,000 Italians (share 17.03). But Fiore is in the wake. We'll see in the coming weeks if he'll be able to overtake him in braking, earning the average step on the podium. Meanwhile, he enjoys the fact that the first three editions of the news of the flagship network - which has so much opposed it, triggering the unpleasant controversy over the placement of the new format in the schedule - broadcast in its own minutes, trudge in the rear, dubbed in the average ratings (just over 300,000) and in the share (7.80). We will see. – all videos

Ambra, at the final of X Factor 2022 sings 'T'appartengo' Ambra, at the final of X Factor 2022 sings 'T'appartengo'

Fiorello makes fun of the Prima della Scala – guard

HE PICKED HIM AT THE FIRST OF THE LADDER… – Since the milestone of the first week is significant (there will be 27 more, until June), it is logical to celebrate it with something equally significant. Here is the legendary final monologue of Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), the Blade Runner replicant, with Ruggero, the citizen's elder, astonished in the rain. “I've seen things you humans wouldn't imagine: battleships on fire off the ramparts of Orion; I have seen the mayors of Rome play the guitar at the crack of dawn; I saw people at the premiere of La Scala, dressed like Gabibbo; I saw Juve fans on a pilgrimage to Lourdes; I saw the roof of cash go down, then up, then come back down, make an upside down and do it again…». We start off the ice. Fiore has lost the keys to the glass studio and the news is already on the self-produced front page of Corriere della Sera. Waiting to find them again, go with the mini-song sung by the mock of Ignazio La Russa, president of the Senate: «Viva, viva, viva… the Istituto Luce (of Mussolini-like memory)!». Follows «the most beautiful Christmas song in the world. They don't have it in Rockefeller Center in New York, where there is the most beautiful tree in the world; they don't have it in Gubbio, where there is the largest tree in the world. By the way, what do the people of Gubbio call us? The Gubinis. And when are there two? The Congubins…».

Review all the episodes of Viva Rai2 - guard

…A ELLY SCHLEIN… – The catchphrase of politicians' agendas continues. Today there is that of Elly Schlein, the girl with three citizenships (Italian, Swiss and American) born in Lugano to an American academic father of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, who wants to be secretary of the Democratic Party, «one of those jobs that Italians don't they want to do more», says Fiorello. Page of February 9, first note: Scrapping the Democratic Party. Second note: Change the name of the party. From Pd to Pdel: Democratic and Labor Party. 'But no, my girl, we're not there,' comments Fiore. He needs a more bombastic and identifying name. «Think of the winning idea of ​​an evocative name like Forza Italia! Even the Righeiras of politics, Calenda and Renzi, have invented Azione Italia viva. Not to mention Fratelli d'Italia... We offer Oviesse, an acronym for Ora la Victoria siempre!». From the press review, a particularly flattering title: Fiorello il Baggio on TV. These satisfactions compensate for the sacrifice of getting up in the dark and walking around the streets of Rome which can be dangerous at that hour. “But there were no boars. They too made the bridge on 8 December: they went to Maremma ». Through the mouth of the very special correspondent Gabriele Vagnato, comedian and creator born in Asti but raised in Catanzaro, the new «ism» is launched: palllism. «Solidarity to all the balls of the tree placed behind, the ugliest and oldest ones», explains Fiore. «It takes a turn of the balls: Italians, every now and then give them a tour of these balls and from behind, put them in front».

Fiorello hosts Malika Ayane – guard

… AND A “PHOTOVOLTACKER” - Space for the very bright Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia, in Rome: it is called 'Photovoltacchio', since it is powered by solar panels. Milan replies with the first Christmas tree with a woman's name: Pina. Still on the Rome-Milan axis: Mayor Beppe Sala replies to Roberto Gualtieri, the guitarist mayor of the capital, who had sung 'O mia bela Madunina', accompanying a clip of 'Roma capoccia' with the pli plin of the triangle. «An instrument chosen not by chance: Milan is the triangle of fashion…». Finally, space for the disputes in the 5Stelle world: Conte asks Di Maio for 30,000 euros in the account of previous repayments that have never been paid. Meanwhile, Grillini fans create bundles for the holidays: pillows and T-shirts with the face of 'Giuseppi' with a regular Santa hat. Other news: the EU is bashing the Italian left and bringing the cash limit back to 10,000 euros. «You can go to Bottura's, order a dish with a tortellini and pay in cash!». It closes with a guest of particular excellence: the always phenomenal singer-songwriter Malika Ayane, the Italian Barbra Streisand, busy at the Sistina theater with Cats, the historic Broadway musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Nobel Prize winner Thomas Stern Eliot. The first week is over. From Monday we start again, always at full throttle.