Flavio Briatore saves a hundred migrants offshore with his yacht

The entrepreneur responds to a request from the Crotone Harbor Office, while he is in the south of Calabria with his boat. Here he tells what happened. And how he was shocked by what he saw

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Flavio Briatore is in shock after experiencing the drama of the smugglers on his skin. While sailing in the Mediterranean south of Calabria, he ran to the aid of a drifting boat full of migrants. He says it himself: 'We received a request from the Crotone Harbor Office,' explains the entrepreneur. “They begged us to go check out a boat. They got us the coordinates and it was 7/8 miles from us. They thought it was a yacht asking for help. At that point we diverted and went on the spot finding a small sailboat, about sixteen meters, full of people, at least a hundred people '- Photo | video

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ONE HUNDRED MIGRANTS. ALSO CHILDREN. 'Not even nineteenth-century animals were treated like this,' continues Briatore to the Monegasque newspaper Truth & Business . 'People were screaming in despair, there were children, and we tried to calm them by saying that the patrol boat was coming'. According to the reconstruction of the police, the sailing boat had been abandoned in Italian waters after they had been transported with motor boats: 'They brought them with rubber dinghies, they put them on the sailboat, they entered the pilot automatic blocking it, given a radio in hand so you can call for help and they have abandoned them '.

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A PARTICULAR SUMMER FOR BRIATORE - The adventure in the open sea follows a few days after the tornado that semi-destroyed the Twiga, the bathroom in Versilia that Briatore owns with Daniela Santanchè.

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