Found 146 bodies in Lyman trenches. Zelensky: 'I ask Italy for air defense systems'

Zelensky displaces everyone: 'I did not order an attack on the Crimean bridge'. Then he asks Italy and France for air defense systems. Russian fighter drops missile near British plane. Moscow: 'Direct confrontation between Russia and NATO is approaching'

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More horrors in Ukraine: the bodies of 146 people were found in some trenches in Lyman. Zelensky, worried about the Kakhovka dam, appeals to Italy and France for an air defense system. And he denies giving orders to attack the Crimean bridge. The American 007: 'Kiev has 6 weeks to regain ground'. A Russian fighter drops a missile near a British plane. Moscow: 'The direct confrontation between Russia and NATO is closer'. At Malpensa arrested the son of a Russian governor. Podolyak calls Silvio Berlusconi drunk after the broadcast of the ex-premier's audio. Orban and Draghi divided on the price cap. For the Hungarian 'the economic suicide of the EU will not help Kiev'. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Kiev, the song of the Ukrainian refugees in the subway after the Russian attacks Kiev, the song of the Ukrainian refugees in the subway after the Russian attacks

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

THE YELLOW OF THE CRIMEA BRIDGE - Volodymyr Zelensky denies, in an interview with the Canadian CTV , that he gave orders to attack the Crimean bridge: 'We absolutely didn't order it, as far as I know'. A surprising statement, which reopens a yellow. The explosion had in fact been welcomed by his most trusted advisor, Mikhaylo Podolyak, with a post on Twitter: “Crimea, the bridge, the beginning. Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must go back to Ukraine.” Three weeks earlier Podolyak himself had hinted at the Corriere della Sera that the Ukrainians had been thinking about bombing it for months “because it is an illegal construction. The question is: how should it be demolished?”. And the media in Kiev, including the agency Union , they had written that an operation by the SBU, the Ukrainian secret service, was behind the attack. Only hours later did Podolyak back off, assuming it was an internecine struggle between Russians. And the story seemed to close with an article of New York Times which quoted an official in Kiev: 'It was the Ukrainian intelligence services that orchestrated the explosion at the Kerch bridge in Crimea.' This was followed by the arrests of Moscow and Putin's terrible revenge with missiles launched on Kiev. But now the Ukrainian president reopens the yellow.

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ITALY HELP US - In a video address with leaders at the European Council, the Ukrainian leader defends the sanctions, saying that those who ask for their easing are 'against Europe'. He then expresses his concerns about the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant, which if hit by bombs would end up flooding 80 villages beyond Kherson. Then, the appeal to Italy to obtain an air defense system: “We have already received a very effective IRIS-T system from Germany. I thank the Chancellor for that. I now turn to France, to Italy, to our other partners: the more the Ukrainian skies are protected, the more life will be stable throughout Europe. We have to ensure that.' But Vladimir Leontyev, head of the administration installed by Russia in the Novokakhovka district, replies: 'It makes no sense for Russia to destroy the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant, which instead would be advantageous for Ukraine. What's the point of destroying it now? Even from a formal point of view this is nonsense. The only one who would benefit is Ukraine which, with the destruction of the dam and the hydroelectric plant, would interrupt Russian logistics, sow panic and fear and cut off the water supply to Crimea'.

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CORPS AT LYMAN - Kiev managed to liberate 544 settlements in the Kharkiv region. But new horrors emerge: the bodies of 111 civilians and 35 soldiers were found in trenches or unmarked graves in Lyman, which had just been reconquered, according to the Donetsk Police Department. 25 mass graves were allegedly found in the city, rising to 58 in the entire region. According to American 007, the Ukrainian army will still be able to gain ground for six weeks, if it continues to put pressure on the south-east of the country. On the other front, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the administration of Kherson annexed to the Kremlin, reports that there are 15,000 new evacuees from the city on the other side of the Dnieper. In Belgorod, a Russian city targeted by the Ukrainians, the Russian entrepreneur Yevgheny Prigozhin, considered the man behind the infamous Wagner mercenary company, is instead allegedly setting up a 'popular militia' not far from the border: 'We are actively working with the Belgorod region , where I sent my representative Hero of Russia Andrey Bogatov two weeks ago. He is engaged not only in the construction of defensive structures, but also in the creation of a people's militia on the territory of the Belgorod region.

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RUSSIAN FIGHTER SKIPS BRITISH PLANE - Tensions between Moscow and the West continue to grow. A Russian fighter dropped a missile near a British plane that was patrolling international airspace over the Black Sea, Defense Minister Ben Wallace told the British Parliament. As Kiev's military says it is concerned about the 'growing threat' of the Kremlin offensive coming from Belarus, Moscow's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova tells the Tass : “NATO arms flow to Ukraine and military aid to Kiev bring the alliance closer to the dangerous line of direct military confrontation with Russia.” And another fact contributes to increasing friction: the arrest at Malpensa, on an American mandate, of Artiom Uss, son of the governor of the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, Aleksander Uss, who is allegedly implicated in a case of illegal sale of American technologies to arms companies in Russia and to Venezuela-sanctioned oil. Artiom said he was unaware of the pending charges of evading penalties and money laundering. Today it will be before the Milan Court of Appeal that he will have to decide on possible extradition to Washington, where he risks 30 years in prison. Zakharova tells Pravda: “Russia will not leave unanswered the hunt for Russian citizens through US law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies. The cynicism of this situation lies in the fact that we are talking about taking the Russians hostage for their further use for US political purposes.'

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SANCTIONS ON IRAN - Yair Lapid, Israeli prime minister, expresses 'deep concern' about 'the military ties between Russia and Iran'. The reference is probably to the kamikaze drones sold by Tehran. Charles Michel, president of the European Council, writes on Twitter: “We intervene quickly against Iran which supports Russia's war in Ukraine. I welcome the decision of the European Council to adopt in record time restrictive measures against those in Iran who provide military support to Russia'. A decision applauded by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba: 'In three days the EU has agreed on a series of restrictions that will come into force today'. In the meantime, the spokesman for the White House National Security Advisor John Kirby confirmed that Iranians would be in Crimea to train the Russians in the use of kamikaze drones.

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BERLUSCONI IN THE FIGHT - Silvio Berlusconi's audios in which the former prime minister spoke of the origin of the conflict and his renewed friendship with Vladimir Putin still cause discussion. On Twitter it is still Mykhailo Podolyak who expresses the Ukrainian position, with a post written in Italian in which he calls him drunk: “Any crisis opens the way for real leaders. While Mr. Berlusconi is under the influence of Russian vodka in the company of 'five friends of Putin' in Europe, Giorgia Meloni demonstrates what are the true principles and understanding of global challenges. Everyone chooses their own path”. The deputy prime minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, believes what Berlusconi said is 'a big problem', and argues at the EPP summit: 'There are three basic standards that apply to all parties that are part of the People's Party European Union (EPP): one must be pro-European, for European integration, respect the rule of law, and support Ukraine in its struggle for its survival and its existence and sovereignty. I'm not sure you can have people in the EPP who don't embrace these central and basic principles.' At the EU summit, however, Mario Draghi's request to put on the table a form of price cap and an instrument of solidarity such as the Sure on energy. A point that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban completely disagrees with, writing on Twitter: “Brussels' latest plan on the EU's gas price ceiling is equivalent to a total embargo on gas. Economic suicide will not help Ukraine. I expect a big debate at the European Council”.