Francesca Amadori fired from the family business: 'Discriminated because she is a woman'

The story of the manager's removal from the poultry giant ends up in court: the first hearing on 13 December. Alongside the founder's niece also the equal opportunities councilor of Emilia Romagna: 'Machist practices'. The reply: 'Always acted in compliance with the law and ethics'

 francesca-amadori Francesca Amadori, 45, former communications manager of the company founded by her grandfather Francesco

Francesca Amadori's dismissal from the family business, which had caused such a stir, will land before the Forlì Labor Court. Francesca, 45, is the granddaughter of the founder, Francesco Amadori, a well-known face of Italian entrepreneurship and head of the poultry food giant.

Gianluca Vacchi, exaggerated party for his daughter's two years Gianluca Vacchi, exaggerated party for his daughter's two years

DISCRIMINATION - The company, with a turnover of 1.4 billion euros a year, claimed that the manager had been removed because she had not shown up from work on a prolonged and continuous basis and without justifying her absences. A dismissal, therefore, not a consensual decision and on the eve of grandfather Francesco Amadori's 90th birthday. Now the court will have to decide: the first hearing is set for December 13th. However, alongside the former director of communication of the Amadori group, there will also be the equality adviser of the Emilia Romagna Region, Sonia Alvisi. “Dr. Amadori - according to the lawyers of the regional councilor - highlighted how, more generally at the Amadori group, the members of the board of directors are male and the managerial qualification is the exclusive prerogative of male personnel. The social report published by the Amadori Group contains eloquent data from this point of view'.

THE REPLICA - 'The average salary received by male personnel is equal to an average of 77,511 gross annual euros, that received by the female gender is equal to an average of 59,500 euros', reads the release, while among the employees of the main cooperative of the Group, Gesco, the women are 208 out of 583, but among the 21 none of the executives would be female, while 'the cadres in force are 60 of which 5' are women . Amadori in turn replies with a note in which he reiterates 'that he acts and has always acted in compliance with the laws, ethical codes and regulations to protect the company and its community', considering them exploitations that have nothing to do with the termination of the relationship of work.