Francesca Fagnani: 'I don't believe in love forever: I'm not a saint'

The journalist is about to land in Sanremo where she will be alongside Chiara Ferragni, Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu for the co-management of the Festival. And in this interview she (also) tells her private story

 francesca-fagnani-interview-sanremo-2023 Francesca Fagnani, the host of Belve will be on the stage of the Ariston as co-host Photo Video

Francesca Fagnani is about to land in the city of flowers: from the studios of Beasts , the journalist will soon be alongside Amadeus to lead an evening in Sanremo. Chiara Ferragni, Chiara Francini and Paola Egonu will also be with her in this adventure. And before leaving for the Riviera di Ponente, Enrico Mentana's partner talks about herself in an interview in Il Messaggero - Photo | video

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PARTICIPATION IN SAN REMO - The idea of ​​co-hosting was born, says Fagnani, 'two days before Amadeus announced it from Fiorello. He texted me asking if we could talk. I immediately thought of Sanremo, but for a while I feared that he was looking for me for I soliti ignoti. When he told me everything, I accepted on the fly ”. He won't dance or sing, she promises: “I don't think Sanremo will change my life. I live it as a recognition, and immediately afterwards I will return to my usual life'.

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THE PRIVATE LIFE - For ten years romantically linked to the director of TgLa7 Enrico Mentana, Fagnani also talks about the children she has never had: 'No particular reason - she explains - It hasn't happened to me, I don't miss it and I think we can be happy even without children'. As for marriage, “they asked me a couple of times but I ran away. I don't believe in love forever.' Betrayals? “I'm not a serial cheater, but I can't say I've ever done it. I'm not a saint.'

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