Francesca Fagnani in Sanremo, what a shy Beast

After Chiara Ferragni, it's the turn of a journalist who has conquered the public for her 'roaring' and very bad interviews. But on her Ariston stage, her roar fades away

 francesca-fagnani-monologue-sanremo Francesca Fagnani, co-host of the second evening of the Sanremo festival Photo Video

In the second evening of Sanremo, it is Francesca Fagnani's turn to co-host. The 'beast' journalist, however, has lost her scratch. - photo | video

Blanco goes crazy on the Sanremo stage. He destroys the flowers Blanco goes crazy on the Sanremo stage. Destroy the flowers

All about Sanremo 2023 – special

SURPRISE NECKLINE. Fagnani comes down the stairs and amazes with an elegant Armani dress with a very deep neckline (in the press room she screams of approval). She is immediately at ease with her, even if she explains that to appease her anxiety she followed the Fiorello method: half a glass of sparkling wine. On the web, the (aesthetic) comparisons immediately spring up with Chiara Ferragni who preceded her: the class of the 'beast' is better than the 'tits' designed by Ferragni is (for now) the sentence.

Sanremo 2023: the report cards of the second evening. Pass and fail – guard

WITH THE HANDBRAKE. In fact, until 10.42 pm there was little trace of Fagnani. The second change is simpler, but always elegant: black trousers and a sort of crossed vest that leaves shoulders and arms (gym) uncovered. Finally the journalist chats with Amadeus and Gianni Morandi, and reveals that her favorite Sanremo song is Go away love . She's comfortable with him, sure. But so far the Beast is disappointing: no paw, she proceeds with the handbrake on. Much ado about nothing?

THE MONOLOGUE: MINORS IN PRISON SPEAK. For the monologue Francesca Fagnani chooses a delicate, dramatic theme: the hell of Italian prisons. And to do so, she gives voice to the boys of the Nisida juvenile prison in Naples. : «Stealing is not my job, I needed the money to be brilliant, doctor''. “I grew up nervous, angry, those who do things out of anger are not afraid; 'I would like people to know that we are not animals, we are not killers forever.' Do you have dreams? «Go to Men and women, there is catch there». The journalist explains that these kids have dropped out of school, but no one has looked for them, neither the principal nor the social workers. The adults I interviewed in prison often told me that if they could change anything in their lives, they would go to school. The school should fight early school leaving, give equal opportunities, the state should be more attractive than illegality.

Now that you're here in prison, you and everyone have failed, but your fate is not sealed. But if you go back to the adult prison, then yes it's over.