Francesca Fagnani speaks: 'Me, Enrico Mentana and that first kiss in the elevator'

The presenter confesses, between work and private life. Starting with an 'unexpected' gesture. But he remains pessimistic about love: 'I find it hard to believe that it is forever: how do you want the same person over the years, even forever?'

  francesca-fagnani-first-kiss-enrico-mentana-1920 Francesca Fagnani and Enrico Mentana, photo-story of a love born on the sly Photo Video

Francesca Fagnani confesses in a long interview that starts from work and ends on the sentimental. Rai's Beast speaks almost freely and takes no prisoners. – photo | video

Long live Rai2, Franco Fagnano meets Francesca Fagnani in Belvo Long live Rai2, Franco Fagnano meets Francesca Fagnani in Belvo

Francesca Fagnani: 'I don't believe in love forever: I'm not a saint

THE FIRST KISS IS NEVER FORGOTTEN - After a long chat with Vanity Fair on the job and on his two masters (for the record: Michele Santoro and Gianni Minoli), comes the question about his partner Enrico Mentana. And Fagnani does not shy away. 'The first kiss? He gave it to me. In the elevator. Greeting me. It was unexpected.' Then she, speaking of love more deeply, and beyond the anecdote, she says: 'I find it hard to believe in love forever. How do you want the same person over the years, even forever? When love goes well it falls, it transforms. When things go wrong, we leave immediately or leave later”. Mentana warned…

Francesca Fagnani in Sanremo, what a shy Beast – guard

NINA AND BICE, TWO… TRAITORS - Under the heading love, there is also room for the two little dogs, Nina, 4 years old, and Bice, 3. With an (ironic) regret: 'I wanted them both to be females: a big mistake, because they become attached to the male', i.e. in Mentana. Francesca then reveals the recipe for not getting too excited about her: the mountain. 'Because she lowers people's egos, starting with mine.' Another ploy to lower people's egos, starting, however, from that of Mentana: 'Don't make them feel like rock stars when they go home'.

Francesca Fagnani speaks: “It's true, I'm with Enrico Mentana. But I give myself the flowers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Fagnani then retraces her career, with a leap to New York, where she was when the Twin Towers were attacked in 2001. “I had arrived fifteen days ago for my doctorate at New York University. My mother called me worried but I didn't give her weight. I took the subway from Brooklyn, where I lived, to go to Manhattan. I got off at Union Square and saw all the people looking towards Downtown. There was an unreal situation, some crying, some screaming. I hardly noticed that only one tower was left standing. At that moment, the second collapsed. It was shocking.'

Francesca Fagnani, very bad me: “And I smile, beast among beasts

“MY MASTERS” - Under the heading 'masters', however, Fagnani mentions two names vintage , but fundamental in the history of our TV: Michele Santoro and Gianni Minoli. He has kept a secret from each of them. “From Michele the lateral thinking. He dissected every problem by addressing even the most unpresentable point of view. I once returned with an interview with a worker who had lost his job and he turned me around because I had been too sympathetic to him. He taught me that to elicit an authentic reaction you have to provoke, not indulge. Gianni, on the other hand, made me understand that going on video is only the last act, not always necessary, of the essence of TV, that is knowing how to edit, direct, write a script. This gave me the freedom to never be in love with myself in front of a camera. In fact I'd like to do more later Beasts “.