Francesca Fagnani, very bad me: 'And I smile, beast among beasts' - exclusive

Archive a successful season of its broadcast. Meanwhile he writes two investigative books. And he confides something that he himself would like to know from Giorgia Meloni. Waiting to see her alongside Amadeus on the Ariston stage

  francesca-fagnani-today-49 Fagnani from her 'private' TV sets with Mentana Video

It's like going to the dentist and wanting to reverse roles, put him in an armchair and, drill in hand, start rummaging through his bridges and arches. Francesca Fagnani presenter of Belve, she specializes in interviews (without anesthesia) on exposed nerves. She seems to have one too – Photo | video

Fagnani will lead Sanremo: the announcement of Amadeus and Fiorello Fagnani will lead Sanremo: the announcement of Amadeus and Fiorello

In a pink suit at Pink Panter, on the terrace of her Roman house, close to the Ghetto, and the sun that wraps her in the golden light of the sunset, she jumps. Nina and Bice, two dogs snoring in her lap, wake up with a start and with a hateful look, they go back home. It's not air.

Can you tell us about your partner, Enrico Mentana? “Uh, here we go. Don't ask him questions about me, because you always have to pester me with questions about him?'

Francesca Fagnani speaks: “It's true, I'm with Enrico Mentana. But I give myself the flowers” ​​– exclusive

She is a master at conducting interviews on the ridge between public and private. And whoever wounds by the sword… «He does his job, I do mine, built, I want to say, in 20 years of apprenticeship».

And did Cadore rhyme with love? «Help, my glycemic peak rises. No, no rhyme, we started dating two years later.'

No one questions the self made woman. But you really don't have to say thank you to anyone? 'Of course. Giovanni Minoli at Mixer and Michele Santoro at Year Zero taught me everything. Then my mother who passed on to me the strength of character, the ability to react. Today she is no longer there and I feel more alone, with the regret of not having shown her the love that she was there and was strong ».

Always smiles. Are you doing it to show your teeth? 'I smile to keep the evil spirit at bay.'

Beast inside. 'Beast among beasts. The freedom I give myself as an interviewer, I give to the interviewee. The rules of engagement are clear. I'm free to ask you questions, you're free to answer as you like.'

Rocco Siffredi and sexual addiction: “I wanted to die” – video

November 16 will go down in history. For the series, pornstars (also) have a heart, Rocco Siffredi cried. «Things that happen when you lead the guest to open up about uncomfortable topics. It must not have been easy to tell the drama of sexual addiction in front of the cameras, the need to constantly have sexual relations with women, men, transsexuals. At some point he was no longer able to control the emotion. That's the beauty of the program. When a side of the personality is revealed in an overbearing way, when an unpublished aspect emerges, a piece of news, a completely unknown side of the character, you know you have hit the mark».

Who invented the program? «The idea is mine, I own the format that I sell to Rai 2. The name was suggested by a friend, Irene Ghergo, author of Big Brother».

Interviews, he chose a crowded area. «The interview is a noble genre of journalism that has worn out over the years. With Minoli and Santoro the rule was that when you had a character and you wanted to make it interesting, you had to get him to expose himself on uncomfortable topics. Today, in order to have a guest in the studio, especially a political one, one is willing to do anything. Whoever comes to broadcast dictates conditions on everything. On the questions, on who asks them, on the presence of the public or not. They come to the studio, they express themselves with slogans, they can promote books, events, whatever they want. Inevitably, the meaning of the interview is distorted».

A Dutch correspondent claims that Italy is the only country in the world where journalists interview each other. «Once there were few news programmes, now there are too many. Not everyone can have guests in the front row and so they turn to the journalist at the height of a party, a political area'.

How can this involution be explained? 'Money. TV networks once produced entertainment programs, which cost a lot. Since there is no money, entertainment is no longer made and schedules are filled with information programs, which cost much less ».

A mortal bore. «The game is to slip in a couple of guests who will liven everything up with a fight».

What distinguishes Beasts? «The name is already a declaration of intent. I'm looking for divisive characters, mostly female, not necessarily lovable. I ask whoever is in front of me the courage to bring out what he has inside. I avoid the prejudices of so-called thesis journalism, I try to make all the cards available to the viewer so that he can get an idea».

And the viewer, in your opinion, is able to do it? «Today we have the feedback from social networks. The public reacts in record time and is not wrong. He grasps even the most delicate aspects, he knows how to frame people, he knows how to recognize sincerity, ambiguity, hesitations».

He made a former camorrist like Cristina Pinto, a former terrorist like Adriana Faranda, a former bidonist like Vanna Marchi speak. Three women who have paid the bill with justice, perhaps even distanced themselves from their past, but have never repented. Are you sure they can be aired without some precautions? «Hearing Cristina Pinto who says she shot and killed without proving anything is incandescent matter, I realize that. But, I have nothing to remove or add. It is obvious who is on the right side and who is not. I worked a lot on crime, degradation, existential and social suburbs. I've learned not to judge and I've seen that the public understands the phenomena and knows how to define their boundaries».

Precautions may be taken by others. They relegated you to late evening, at and around midnight. Beasts yes, but in a cage. 'No, I wouldn't say so. I like the second night. The problem is that today prime time goes too far and second time starts at midnight. Too late. We should go on the air earlier, around 11pm, out of respect for the public, the guest and everyone's work'.

What will he do after Beasts? «Beasts and then again Beasts. And in between two investigative books on organized crime.

They grant her an extraordinary edition. Who would you invite? Giorgia Meloni. I'd like to ask who and what you were alluding to when you said you weren't subject to blackmail. And since I see you far ahead of your party, I would ask you if the Brothers of Italy today do not represent a constraint on your affirmation as leader of the modern world ».

What does Enrico tell you? 'Let's not talk about work and go out for a glass of wine.'

After ten years, what fascinates you about him? «The head. An impressive speed of thought».

You said that love is like the Giro di Italia: you win in stages. What about falling in love? “That's like the stopwatch. An ecstatic condition that unfortunately does not last long».